North East Wildlife Animal Rescue Coalition is a non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And we're off.....

As of this past weekend, there has been an explosion of intakes! We went from 0 to 60 in no time. Among them, a lot of very young bunnies! Here are just 5 of many, only days old.

I can't even count how many squirrels came in, all different sizes and ages. I only ended up with 6 approximately 5 week old babies. Five of these were rescued by the ARL from a tree in Newton after the wonderful homeowners found mom dead and discovered what she left behind! Luckily for the babies, they got them the help they needed, and they are all doing great! Another single around the same age came in from Tuft's and has joined them.

A lot more have been spread out between Laurie, Lisa, Mary and JoAnn!
And wow! Look at how big JoAnn's original little pinkies are now!
Ricky the raccoon is doing awesome and has been joined by a new friend, Mickey.

 Mickey's mom was evicted from an attic and the entrance was closed before it was discovered she had babies in there. They were set up in a reuniting box and mom claimed 3 of the 4. None the worse for wear, he came to us in great shape and is doing fine and he's just the companion Ricky needed.

Two more boys came in from the MSPCA yesterday and will be able to join Ricky and Mickey after a quarantine.
 Looks like it's going to be boy town around here. So far 9 boys and 1 girl among the squirrels and raccoons here!

I'm also happy to report Munchkins eye is about 90% better! It looks great and is functioning like it should be! Whew!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fisher update!

Thank you Sam for some new pictures of the baby fishers! They look great and are growing like weeds, wow! They are doing awesome and she will try to send weekly photos so we can see them grow! Thanks again Sam, they couldn't be in better hands! Oh, and how cute are they!?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The first baby raccoon!

The first baby raccoon has arrived! Mom fell through the ceiling of a business. They got her outside and fixed the holes. Mom managed to get all but one baby out before the holes were sealed. Luckily someone heard this little guy in the wall and they cut him out. Ricky is safe and sound with Laurie and doing great!

Another possie that needed a lift!

My girl Belle has been making herself at home here lately. Unfortunately, it's in one of the empty squirrel pens! Do not even ask me how she manages to squeeze in that little hole.....but she does! So for now, the squirrel pen is a temporary raccoon pen. She isn't holing up in there permanently right now. She has taken up residence approximately 4 times in the last couple weeks, and I'm not sure if it's because she is in need a new or temporary home for some reason, but she's my girl and if she needs it, she's got it! When I'm sure she doesn't need it anymore, I'll have to burn the heck out of it with the flamethrower to disinfect it and make it squirrel ready again.
A bit of a pain in the butt.....but my Belle is worth it! One of my girls from my very first group of 10 released out here in 2006. She's been through a lot loosing some babies, and she's helped a lot adopting others from us, and she always knows I'll be here to look out for her when she needs it!

I had some fears last year that something may have happened to Hissy. After the babies were born I stopped seeing him. I'm afraid my fears have been realized. The Missus came in for a visit last week and that is not Hissy she is with. He has been a fixture out here since I moved here in 2005! All the fowl out here are not friendly and fear humans as they should, they are not like those used to being fed by people at popular ponds. He and the Missus weren't people friendly either, but for some reason he decided to be my friend (she would follow a little more hesitant), and would always come when I called while out on the pond. They are the only 2 that would ever come near me. I will miss my buddy! I'm happy to see the Missus is not alone though.

Funny one door closes, another opens. For the past week I've gone out to check on the Missus and her new beau. Without Hissy, they don't exactly come when called though. But suddenly, I have another pair that literally comes when I call....looks like a new friendship blooms.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baby fishers & Munchkin visits the vet.

The first squirrels of the season are growing like weeds! Hard to believe these are the same pinkies JoAnn took in a while back. Another little one has been added in with them. Mary has some squirrels now also.

The most interesting thing to come in were these baby fishers! Three adorable little boys. The area their tree den was in was being clear cut. The actual tree they were in was literally in the chipper. Lucky for them, the force of being banged around in the machine cracked the log open just in time to see these cuties and the crew was able to rescue them. Unfortunately, there was not a good chance of a reunite. They were brought to Mary who cared for them until our good friend and fellow rehabber, Sam, picked them up. She did a wonderful job with the fisher Lisa got in last year and she's got the fisher experience, so they are in excellent hands! She promises to update us with pictures as they grow.
They are just the cutest little things, and those claws! At three weeks old they had better claws than my grown cats!

Munchkin had to have a visit to the vet. He injured his eye somehow. The conjunctiva was so inflamed we couldn't even see the eye in there. The game plan....antibiotics, metacam and eye drops and hopefully in a couple of weeks a recheck will give us a better look at the eye and at what can be done, if anything. The good news is that we have been treating him since Friday and it already looks much better, to the point we can actually see the eyeball in there. How damaged it is remains to be seen, but the fact that it appears to be intact means it may not have to be enucleated. How well he will be able to see out if it also remains to be seen, but the good news there is that he can still be released with only one eye working.

 We paid a visit to Chris's Squirrels last week and loaded up on supplies....we are ready for the onslaught.