North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All is crazy so far!

Are you ready for some playtime! A little playgroup for the bulk of the babies after feeding time! A bunch are ready to go outside, however River has come in injured, so there was a delay getting their pen ready. Hopefully by this weekend I'll get her moved and the baby pen repairs done and get it cleaned and ready. The Winery babies are definitely ready, along with Tilt and Whirl and Arnold. Tilt has improved so much, the head tilt is barely discernible. (Not that it slowed him down one bit to begin with!).

Still have a few in quarantine. This young little boy from the ARL. He's a later than usual baby, but not too late by any means. Everyone else here is much older so he may eventually get grouped in with some smaller ones Laurie has.

This boy and girl are less than thrilled about seeing me! Both came in a little older and already self feeding from a bowl, so no bottle frenzy from them! They know I'm not mom and they have no intention of accepting me as a replacement.....body language loud and clear here!  Just as well for them though.

Last but not least, this cute boy and girl....and I mean last! We are full to the brim with baby raccoons right now!

As I mentioned earlier, River is injured. I noticed her showing up on the video with some apparent hip issues, so the next time I saw her out there I brought her in. She's one of the girls that I released out here in 2011. She is still friendly with me, which is quite helpful when it comes to working on her. Brought her in for some x-rays and she chilled out (doing her best Dandy impression! LOL) while awaiting sedation.
 Luckily she is comfortable here and not stressed by the captivity. Evidence points to a possible hit by car. Some abrasions and missing toenails on the back feet and a broken tail. No apparent breaks elsewhere so her trouble walking in the back end may be due to spinal trauma. She is able to get around and climb in and out of the denbox in there, however she is slow and clumsy, so it's not safe to put her back out there yet. For now she will be getting cage rest and metacam and I'll give her a chance, and the time, to improve.

Squirrels have been released! Yayyyy! Six little stinkers have arrived and are doing well. They also came in self feeding, so as soon as they hear me coming they disappear into their den! Enjoy the one decent picture I was able to get....only because I took it before putting their den in there! LOL Once I move them outside I'll try to get some better ones.
It has been non stop for all of us between all the babies and gearing up for our annual fundraiser at Flatbreads! Yes, it's that time of year again!! Come out and join us July 8th for some good food, good friends and fun to support the babies!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A fisher in heaven......

Some sad news to report from Sam about one of the fishers.

I'm terribly saddened to tell you that one of my fishers, "big guy" is in heaven. I brought him to Tufts yesterday because although his litter mates were running and now climbing, he was not. He was still crawling. He was diagnosed with "Chondrodystophy", a genetic disorder that interferes with the body's normal development of cartilage. His wrists, shoulders and hocks were affected. To say that the news was devastating to me is an understatement, I feel his loss profoundly, he was a happy gentle soul and I am honored to have been part of his life. Thank you all for following his life with me, I'll continue to send updates on the other two, who appear to be perfectly fine. I've attached a couple pics of BG, may your soul continue is journey in peace my friend.

Rest in peace little one.....

In the meantime, the other 2 are living the big life outdoors now! Wow, they are growing fast!