North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The raccoon shuffle....again.

OK...a bunch of changes again! See if you can keep up! ;)
Spencer is growing like a weed and adorable as hell! (Then again what baby raccoon isn't to me...hehe) He's still a loner as he's too young for the rest of the group. But never fear......

 .....the new kid Pinner (also adorable as hell!) is close enough in age for Spencer and as soon as his quarantine is over, each will finally have a friend!
 Trooper, Doc, Sis, Lucky, Ducky, Porcelain and Pebbles have moved into the outdoor pen with Soldier, Sammy, Rocco, Brim and Spit. Introductions went great and scuffles were very minor and they are now one big happy family! Porcelain & Pebbles are having no problems climbing and carrying on like maniacs in there, so release for them is a big fat go!!! Yippeee! Lucky & Ducky are tiny but having no problem maneuvering and climbing in there. At 11 weeks old they are smaller than Spencer and Pinner and more the size of a 6wk old....if that!...but they certainly act their real age.

Now for the rest of the inside crew.
Legend, Tumbler, Rizzoli, Isles, Springer, Chester and Bama are all one big group now. They have moved into the giant dog crate vacated by Trooper and the gang. Not one unhappy moment when they were all introduced! It was like they had always been together! All are doing great and reaping the benefits of the unfinished isolation temporary playroom...during feeding time. I just pull the crate up to the open door of the room and open the crate door. Everyone has the run of the playroom and the crate and it keeps them in a confined area where they can't wander off destroying the basement! At least until they figure out they can climb up the side of the crate and over the top to freedom!
Let the fun begin!
 Rizzoli and Chester

 Chester was freaked out by the camera. Then I made the mistake of letting him check it out to get over his fear.....what was I thinking! Now he won't leave it alone!
 The best chew toy in the room!
 Legend...what a sweetheart! She just loves getting mom's attention!

 Springer again.
 Chester the camera hog....again!
 Bama...he's doing awesome and no signs of neurological problems anymore!
 Rizzoli's fave chew toy!

 Legend and Tumbler. Aside from a very pronounced, Italian looking nose (which I couldn't get a good profile pic to show), Tumbler is none the worse for wear after her trauma.
 Yup....Chester once again after being told to get away from the camera! Do not let that innocent look fool ya! He's a little hellion....and he annoys them all!

Got a mother possum with 5 babies yesterday. Maureen the ACO rescued them and got them to Mary. Mom had been covered with a box and left for dead by the police who left her a message to pick it up. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from the homeowner whose driveway it was near saying it was alive and is anyone going to get it?!  It's unsure what is wrong with her, maybe hit by a car? No apparent external injuries but because she had babies, it was best to get her to Tufts to be thoroughly worked up and hopefully be helped and continue to be the one to care for the babies!
So later last night Mary and I brought them up there. When I checked in on them this morning she hadn't had a complete workup yet, but she had been given pain meds, eaten a little overnight, and was resting comfortably with the babies. Hopefully she will be OK, then maybe we can just settle her in somewhere to recover with her babies and release them all later.

Well off to the next round of feeding and cleaning.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Outside my kitchen window....

On those very rare occasions, when I actually have a chance to sit at my kitchen table and check my emails while enjoying a much needed cup of coffee, (after the first round of feedings of course!) I keep my camera close. There is an amazing world going on out there... right outside my kitchen window!

Lots of baby birds following parents around begging to be fed....

As always, the fuzzballs the feeders were intended for....

....and those they were not intended for, but who insist on raiding....

Yup...even some of the girls are getting into the act! The high demand of their kits probably driving them to the high fat and protein bonanza to be found here.
Generally the coonies wait till dark so as not to ruffle the tails of the likes of this guy! The fox may have learned where the squirrels like to hang out, but the squirrels have learned to keep a guard on duty. Usually one of the older, more seasoned adults is standing sentry on the railing and I'm amazed at how sharp they are. One sound from the sentry and all those at the feeder head up to the top of the tree or the railings.....and wait until it is deemed safe. They have learned to head up and wait it out or exit under the thick cover of the bushes along the foundation around to the other side of the house. They know not to just run across the open yard now.
It's not often you see these guys fluttering from tree to tree like a little song bird....but in the spring, Mr. Wood duck is obediently following Mrs. Wood duck around as she searches for the perfect hollow to lay her eggs. He followed her around for about an hour this particular morning! LOL
There is an over abundance of these guys this year! I have never seen so many! I'm practically stepping on them as I walk through the woods.
And as always I am not able to linger and enjoy this relaxing show. Got a new guy in yesterday. He was found at an abandoned train station and an attempt to reunite for a night was unsuccessful. So the little boy named Pinner was brought here. He's in perfect shape...a very healthy, chunky little boy. He's comfortably settled in and sucking down his bottles like a pro. After his 2 week quarantine he'll be a perfect pal for Spencer who is still a loner since he's still a little too young to be in a bigger crate with any of the rest of the groups.

Right now everyone else is doing fine. Bama is eating and happy to be back with Springer and Chester. I'm thinking soon they will join Tumbler, Legend, Rizzoli and Isles as one big group. Just giving it a little more time to make sure no other problems break with any of them.......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mother's little helpers.

Ringer and Belle are pretty much around every night now. As soon as I go out to take care of the outside crew I am greeted by both.... who then immediately begin their quality control inspections of what I am feeding. Sometimes, if I'm really lucky, they help me "rearrange" the contents of the shed. Actually, Gibby and Scrappy are pretty regular visitors as well, and I may have Gibby to thank for the rearranging. Ringer and Belle just take the lids off the food bins, hop in, and help themselves!

I approve of this evenings meal! :)
I love hanging out with my girls! It's such a warm fuzzy feeling seeing how well they have done since their release in 2006.....and they still love Mom! Red had been showing up more often too, and it's great to see she's also done well!
River and the kids are awesome! She's such a good mom and she's teaching them well. She no longer tries to kill me now that the babies are older and she even tolerates me in the pen to clean and feed while they are out. They love the pool!

I am happy to report that Bama seems to be doing better. He is eating again and his neurological signs seem to be improving. He's still a little "uncoordinated" but not alarmingly so. Now, barring any setbacks, it's just a wait and see game to see how he is as he gets older and release time comes around.
Unfortunately the little starved boy didn't make it. He put up a good fight, but his poor little body just couldn't come back from the damage already done. Very sad.....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The big boys are having a blast!

At last...all the big boys have recovered from whatever the heck was making them ill! They are eating formula and puppy chow out of bowls and Rocco has FINALLY got some playmates! Yeehaaa! He is thrilled beyond words!

Even better....they have moved into the outdoor pen! It was total excitement as they raced from the carrier...

...OK....not "total" excitement for all of them! LOL Brim was a little hesitant when it came to stepping out onto those dirty looking lumpy things!
But eventually he made his way out and was climbing the branches like a monkey in no time!
Soldier the Velcro coon. an old pro at this.
Brim giving his best pose.
Chowing down.
Sammy gives us a close up.
Rocco and heights were not the best of  friends to begin with......
....while the rest of the boys were climbing all over!
...on top and under the branches.
Rocco still holding on for dear life! LOL
This is the BEST!
Eventually Rocco got over his "height issue" and has no problem going up and down as necessary now.

In the process of cleaning the pen and checking things out in the woods I ran into Red! I didn't realize it was her at first. I thought it was Lexi but she's usually too shy to just come running over to me! It didn't take long to realize who it was when she made it very clear I was to give her some attention....NOW please! Hehe. I obliged her with a good scratching all over and set her up with a pile of treats. She looks great and has babies out there somewhere! It was great to see's been a while!

Ringer and Belle along with Scrappy and Gibby are pretty much nightly regulars when I go out there to feed and clean everyone. Gibby goes above and beyond, escorting me on my rounds, testing all the food buckets and treats to make sure everything is top quality, and annoying everyone in the pens trying to be-friend them all. He just can't seem to understand why these grown coonies keep snarling at him and chasing him when he's just trying to say Hi! Then one scares the crap out of him and he comes running to me and jumps into my arms. "Well if ya stopped annoying them...." I keep telling him! Adult raccoons do not want to make friends with strange, annoying little boys!

Yet another illness has reared it's ugly head. Bama is not doing well at all. He was perfectly normal for an 8pm feeding, then the next feeding at 2am he has a seizure in my lap. He did take his bottle after the seizure, but has been lethargic and somewhat neurologic since. As of right now he is not eating and he has trouble walking normal. All he does when I open his cage is stumble into my lap and want to snuggle up there. For now he's on supportive care and getting sub q fluids but I fear the worst. No other symptoms with him and different from both other issues that have gone on with the rest of the gang.

One other new boy has made his way here. He's pretty emaciated (most likely a sibling to one Laurie got a week ago!)and I'm slowly trying to bring him back around. He's pretty bright and alert and taking a bottle now....I'm ever so slowly introducing calories back into his system. He's getting clinicare and fluids for now in small amounts to jump start his system and if he does well on that I will eventually be able to work in regular formula. I can only hope there was no irreversible damage done if any of his organs had begun to shut down already. Keep your fingers crossed for the little guy and Bama too. :(