North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The big boys are ready to go.

It's about that time for the older boys....sniff, sniff! As soon as I get a couple days or so of good weather they are outta here.....and they are SOOOO ready to go! I'm gonna miss them but since they are going at the back of my property I will hopefully get to visit them on occasion!
Mohican and Stinky
Tosser-sans most of his hair! He's like a smoothe coated coonie now!



Stinky again....

Silly looking Rollo lounges in the den box..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phoenix is doing great!

Little Phoenix is in great shape! We've got one eye open now and eating like a little piggy!
No more respiratory sounds and her burned pads are already all healed up with just pink pigment to show for her troubles. This was the worst's a little blurry, but squirmy baby raccoon & still shot of paw are oxymoron's for sure!!

Here's lookin' at you kid! One eye open and the other just starting to crack! What a cutie....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A successful porcupine release!

I've been so busy with the new babies and all I totally forgot to update you on the porcupines! Mom and baby were taken to a lovely wooded area and released. Both are doing well!
A little snack left for them....

Set up in the protective hollow of a tree and log, the baby gets cozy....

While mom takes the opportunity to scope out the area and take a break from the baby.

Gotta love happy endings!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A lap full o' coons!

The original gang of 8 is getting older and doing great. They are healthy and escaped the wrath of parvo! They have all gotten vaccinated and are just the cutest things!
The 6 older kids...Razz, Cat, Diesel, Dozer, Tank & Mack enjoy playtime in mom's lap after eating.

Razz is the oldest and the first one attempting to play with everyone and everything....

The 2 younger kids have their eyes open too....
Peanut teases the big kids while waiting for his bottle.

Cinnamon his sister....very cute!

And each of the big kids.....


Cat-the only girl in out of the 6 older kids.




Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Another new addition....a little girl. Mom had her den in a chimney and a fire was lit in the fireplace. The babies fell out, into the fire. 1 died immediately. The remaining 2 were put in a box and left on the roof for 2 pretty cold nights. Finally a young family member went onto the roof after discovering what happened to retrieve the babies, only to discover a second one dead and our little girl here close to it....
After a good dose of warmth and TLC, she is resting comfortably. She has burns on the pads of 3 of her feet and is having some respiratory problems due to either smoke inhalation or being out in the cold for 2 nights or both! Any damage due to smoke inhalation is beyond my care now after 2 days went by without treatment, but she is on antibiotics in case of pneumonia or secondary infections due to inhalation and she is in guarded but good condition so far. She's still being re hydrated but should be up to full formula by evening and baring any complications, should heal up well.

So the Dumb-ass Award goes to the brother and sister of the guy that brought her to me for lighting a fire in the fireplace, knowing there was a raccoon living in there!! He was quite upset at how stupid they were -his sentiments exactly. He said even his younger 10 year old sister was smarter, advising the older siblings it was a bad idea to start a fire. You just can't fix stupid.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two new girls, bunnies & possums, and a long awaited update!'s been a while since I've even had a second to get on the computer!
I have added 2 new kids to the mix....I didn't want to due to the parvo I am dealing with, but they had no other choice....just being extra careful with them and have moved the other 8 who have remained parvo free to another room altogether.
Here we have a little girl....she's a little older, say 7ish weeks and what a spitfire she was when she came in!! Boy did she want to kill me! Some TLC and being the only source of yummy formula was enough to make her come around though! She's still a little shy, but at least she's not trying to kill me anymore! LOL
Her mom was harassed out of the attic den, then it was boarded up. Suddenly neighbors saw 2 of these wandering around. One was never found (I can only hope mom came back and collected it!) and this girl was finally located a couple days later cuddled up to a dead possum near the yard she came from. Skinny, hungry and scared, but none the worse for wear!
This girl came the same day, found under a truck in a buys parking lot at a strip mall. She is a giant for her age.....almost twice the weight of the older girl above and weeks younger!! A freak of nature as far as I'm concerned, but damn cute none the less!! She's built like Baloo the bear....big belly and a chunky back Baloo she is.

Here are the 7 bunnies JoAnne released in my yard.....I see them on my overgrown lawn every now and then eating the out of control clover growth!

I'm no possie expert...that's Mary's field, but we are all overloaded so I got these girls found on the side of a city street along with the rest of their siblings who were dead. Unknown what happened to mom, but I can guess the whole gang was struck by a car, most were killed and mom probably ran off injured and died somewhere....
One had a few injuries and did not make it, but the other girl is doing fine...eats well and poops up a storm...I lovingly call her Poopie!! LOL

She's even starting to eat on her own already thank god!

As for the rest of the gang.....all healthy and no signs of any illness. Cinnamon and Peanut have opened their eyes finally and are cute as hell! Razz is loving being in with the fab 5. They are growing fast!!
River is doing great! Her appetite is back to normal, her poops are still soft but normal and she's packing on the weight again. No signs of ataxia so she appears to be out of the woods thank god! She'll have to remain alone in quarantine for a while, but it's a small price to pay for her life and to escape this horrible disease without any neurologic symptoms and be able to be released....

Monday, May 11, 2009

River has parvo!

Forgive my absence....It has been a long week. After days of River eating, then not eating, then eating etc....we know why. It was not teething as I had hoped...through it all she was acting fine and normal poops. Then bam...Thursday we have vomiting and diarrhea. I sent a poop sample to Laurie to be tested for parvo and it came back positive. After a weekend of intensive supportive therapy I am guarded......she is hungry again and I have started her on small meals of clinicare. So far no vomiting and no fact got some solid poop out of her! Appetite comes and goes and no signs of ataxia yet so lets pray for the best.......
Now I am holding my breath hoping the other 8 do not start showing signs in the next week....I can only hope my quarantine procedures hold up. It's as good as it can be in the home rehab setting without proper isolation rooms!
On a little better note, Razz is not alone anymore as he has joined the Fab 5 eating machines. Although technically the other 8 were out of quarantine, it has been extended until I know for sure they have not been exposed to the parvo.
Got a couple new non-coon kids in as well and JoAnn released 7 baby bunnies this past weekend...I'll update you with them when I get another moment to breathe!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strutting their stuff & a red tail hawk rescued.

My sister in law called me today. Her mom had an injured hawk in her yard so I headed over there to check it out. Sure enough it was definitely in need of I donned my leather gloves, grabbed a blanket and snagged me a hawk. The Animal Rescue League was kind enough to pick it up to transport it to Tufts since I had to get to work and couldn't drive it out there myself. I didn't like the look of one of the wings so my fingers are crossed for the poor thing.
I was out yesterday doing the usual rounds. I was standing at the ponds edge calling to Hissy for our usual visit. Soon enough he rounds a corner....and surprise, the Mrs. was with him too! I haven't seen her in a while. Then an even bigger surprise!!! Babies!! They were swimming so close up mom's butt I didn't even see them until she turned sideways. The proud parents came in for a treat and to relax and show off the new brood!

Only 2 this year...last year they had 4, then adopted 2 more later on.....

Hanging out, the kids are snuggled under mom on the right while Hissy keeps an eye out on the left.

I've got 2 female turkeys hanging out on a regular basis this year. Soon this guy showed up strutting his stuff! Although I don't know who he is trying to impress here as the girls were no where to be seen at this time! He was making quite a racket too....the cats were enthralled!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby updates.

The gang is doing great. Razz's eyes are finally starting to open (a little late I might add)! He was officially out of quarantine a couple days ago so once the fab 5 clear on the 11th, he will be able to go in with them since they are about the same size.
Cinnamon and Peanut are doing great and are out of quarantine tomorrow....

....eating like little pigs too I might add! In fact, they are the best eaters of them all!

The fab 5...Cat, Diesel, Dozer, Tank and Mack also doing great!! With the exception of Dozer, every one's eyes are fully opened and everyone is eating like pigs and growing like weeds! These guys have the biggest lungs on them by far! They will be out of quarantine by the 11th, but I don't anticipate any problems with this age if they had something they would most likely be showing some signs by now.

River is doing well. She's used to me and not afraid anymore and likes cuddle time with mommy. She started out with the bottle great, but not so well now. However she is cutting her teeth which is most likely the reason. She's healthy and active otherwise, so far, and even likes to get a little playful with me. So she's getting some sub q fluids for a boost and like it or not, she's getting formula fed with a syringe to keep her strength up!

I'll breath easier when she's eating like a pig again and her quarantine is over though!