North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Belle's surprise!

Remember when I mentioned Belle had been inside one of the squirrel pens a few times a month or so ago? Well since that time she's been around to say Hi everyday, but I never saw her in the pen again. I assumed she wasn't using it anymore. 
Boy was I wrong! LOL.
 I heard an all too familiar sound coming from in there when I was digging out some litter boxes and banged the door! A little flashlight action, and surprise, surprise!! Three beautiful babies. She obviously couldn't have found a safer place to have her babies....and I get to watch them grow! I'm thinking maybe I could try to pawn off about 20 or so on her??? LOL ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Are you ready for some pictures!

It has been total madness for us these past few weeks. We have pretty much reached our limit on baby raccoons! Laurie and I have done a little juggling to accommodate as many as possible. We're at about 50 now!
Tyson and Ali are with Laurie now and doing great. We were a little worried about Tyson for a while. He was having some issues with lifting his head and developing, but he is doing great now! Once again, living up to his name!
Chunky and Monkey, the 2 babies from Revere that came in with a runty sibling that did not survive, also went to Laurie. Unfortunately Monkey, the boy, had to be euthanized. One day he was fine, the next he stopped eating and was down. It turns out he was a ticking time bomb due to a congenital condition. His lungs were deformed and had become one big tumor. He then filled with fluid. Poor little boy. Little Chunky, the girl, seems fine and has new siblings to hang with.

Another little one from Haverhill, Haven, that came in with a sibling that also did not make it is now at Laurie's and doing awesome and her eyes are open now.
Chewie the monster coon is getting bigger and bigger every day! My goodness I have never seen such a large baby at such a young age! Snuggle, one of Laurie's, has come here to join him.

They get playtime with the 5 from the MSPCA....
.....although Chewie seems a little bewildered by the hoard of smaller babies! LOL
Snuggle takes it all in stride though.
This little boy was found at the Arnold Arboretum, so as you can probably guess, his name is Arnold! He was not a happy camper with me at first, but since becoming best buds with the older Winery babies (his choice...he picked the group he wanted to be with and made himself comfortable) he's been great and taking his bottle eagerly!

Two more boys, found by their dead mother in the road....Abbott and Costello! No problem sleeping through all the noise in here for these two!

Athos, Porthos, and D'artagnan, the 3 muskateers from the pest control debacle, are awesome and also get some playtime with the 5 MSPCA kids.

Butterball, Sticky Fingers and Peachy are 3 more that have come over from Laurie and have been joined by a single that the ARL rescued......definitely not a sick stray cat as reported! LOL

Of course Ricky, Mickey, Lefty and Righty are great! Ricky may be little, but that doesn't hold him back and he gets right in there for the battle for the bottle....they all want to be first!
I always give him his own time with the bottle! He is just so damn cute!

On the same day I had 5 very compromised and skinny babies come in. Both had been without mom for at least a week. 
First 3 little ones from Townsend. Unfortunately the smallest of them did not survive. They were so starved they were sucking on themselves the point of injury, sooooo I improvised! Turned my old socks into raccoon onesies to prevent it! After a strict re-feeding protocol, I'm happy to say the remaining 2 are now eating a normal diet and doing well....
.....and they no longer need the onesies! They are very sweet babies and now that we're getting normal poops out of them, I think they are out of the woods.

The other 2 very compromised babies came from the ARL. One has a pronounced head tilt, which has improved since admission. It is definitely no affecting him adversely. He's quite active and climbing all over everything! Tilt and his brother Whirl are doing great and also on a regular diet now. Not so friendly, but getting there! Gotta watch my fingers with these two.

Then we have the ever crazy Winery bunch! Maniacs, all of them! LOL. They love to play and are starting to eat from bowls thank God!

Little Arnold on the right here, following around his bigger siblings like a pesky little brother!
He has no problem keeping up with them!

 Last but not least, this little boy from the MSPCA. Very dehydrated, he's got some gunky eyes so I'm keeping a closer eye on him in case it's due to illness as opposed to just being so compromised. Fingers crossed..
This unfortunate adult raccoon was brought in at the beginning of May by the ARL. She had somehow gotten herself stuck in the V of a tree. Based on how thin she was, it appears she had been like that for a while. After treating her and giving her some time, it was obvious the damage to her spine, the nerves and the vertebrae, was not something she could recover from. She was not regaining the proper use of her rear legs and we had to euthanize the poor girl. I think that sums up most of whats going on here right least with the baby raccoons!
  As far as all the squirrels go, they are in an outdoor release pen and will be going soon!