North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Non-profit status completed at last!

The big news is that we have officially become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!! We have always worked together under our own individual rescues (Rascal Rescue, Wilmington Wild Things, WCP Wildlife) and of course continue to work together! The difference is that now we have combined under one name, with our official non-profit status! Now we are NEW ARC - North East Wildlife Animal Rescue Coalition. Never fear....The Laughing Raccoon will remain here as it is, continuing the tales of the wildlife (and occasional domestic!) animals that pass through our doors! You can check the links to our website and facebook page that have been posted to the right side of the blog. I am still working out the logistics on Twitter, so for all our Twitter followers, I apologize for any confusion that may ensue as I figure out how to transition it from Rascal Rescue to NEW ARC!

OK....back to the cuteness!! The first baby of the season is in! This little girl was found on the sidewalk next to where her tree was cut down. A big thumbs up to the detail officer who thought it odd the tree company left a little piece of stump on the sidewalk, and took a second to look. He found this little girl had been left under it and scooped her up. A big thumbs down to the tree company that didn't bother to call Animal Control, or do anything for that matter, other than put her under the piece of stump and just leave her there to die. Booooooo!
She's doing well and I'm sure it won't be long before she has friends!

 The rest of the calls we have gotten have been for adult, injured raccoons.
This poor fella was in terrible shape! Old wounds, already jaundiced, and at the point where the kindest thing we could do is put him out of his misery.
While examining him he was making a noise that most do not commonly hear from a coonie. Listen near the end and you'll hear a short whinny-like growl. River has made that noise on occasion, as did one of the girls last spring.
This cute little girl must have stayed out a little too late one night! She decided to snuggle in on the residents 3rd floor balcony. Luckily they were kind and didn't want her hurt. After getting a close look I could see she wasn't sick. She was quite alert and very opposed to me getting too close to her either. I asked the residents to give her a chance to leave when evening came, and leave a radio and light on to give her a little extra encouragement. If she was still there in the morning I would check her more closely for any possible injuries.
Not surprisingly, she quickly made her exit as darkness fell and was no where to be found in the morning.
Shortly after getting our little squirrel above, this cute little boy was found curled up on the steps to one of the buildings at Brandeis University. He is also quite bright and alert, and appears to be injured as opposed to ill. It is very possible he was hit by a car as it was right off the main road.
He is resting comfortably now. Originally he was not thrilled at all....
...although I think I was growing on him, he actually unpinned his ears....
....and even demonstrated how well his rear leg is working!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gearing up for baby season!

We are starting to gear up for baby season! Calls have been trickling in, but so far nothing that has needed to come in yet! I have my fingers crossed for a reunite with a momma coon and her kits tonight!

In the meantime, a couple of fowl friends from Waltham have been brought to Tuft's for a chance at recovery. A ring billed gull, tagged by the DCR in a gull study, was brought in unable to fly. After a night in my bathtub I can say he is quite the character....full of attitude and eating mice and sardines like a pig! I think he had a problem with one wing and if so I am hoping it can be fixed. I'll find out when I check up on him Monday.

 Just before getting the gull, I got this canada goose in. He was obviously not in good shape with crusty eyes and he allowed me to walk right up to him to catch him. The update from Tuft's was lead poisoning! Poor fella. He's already feeling better though and I'm told he even started to eat. A good sign! Hopefully he will continue to improve and after some time, will be able to go home.
 Niptwig here is staying with Mary now. He was treated by Tuft's after being hit by a car before
Thanksgiving. The right ulna was fractured and he had fur/quill loss from road rash. He also developed a skin problem while there so he was kept inside until mid January. He tolerated being outside well so they sent him to Mary to finish his recovery . He will be there at least 2 months, then go back for more xrays to determine if he is ready for release. He is doing well and  LOVES his food :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Annual WRAM Conference.

We had our annual WRAM conference at Tuft's in Grafton this past Saturday. A day of fun,learning and networking with a room full of people as crazy about wildlife as we are!
We usually get there early to help set up, getting the raffles ready.....
....while JoAnn spreads out the mountains of wonderful goodies for us to devour, donated by a couple of our favorite places.....

We get to mingle with some of our friends and fellow rehabbers that we don't see in person very often.....

....and give out awards for those who go above and beyond (and bring all the goodies! LOL)
There are lots of awesome raffles, including some incredible hand made items like the sweatshirts Mary paints! Amazing!

Of course we also get to thank the Vets who do so much to help us out with the animals, like Dr. Schless at Woburn Animal Hospital where Laurie works.....
.....and the staff and Vets at Tuft's Wildlife Clinic! We would be lost without all of them!

And what conference would be complete with some very cool animals! A beautiful Barn Owl, Barred Owl and Red Tail! It's pretty amazing seeing these guys up close!

Someday we may be able to leave Tuft's without taking something home with us too! They had a grey squirrel in need of a place to go to recover. Not really sure exactly what is wrong with it, but once Lisa got it into her outdoor pen it became clear it was not about to climb or come off the ground. Mary has it now, in a small indoor pen to evaluate it.