North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More snow after the meltdown.

The warm weather was short lived. Got another 8 inches? yesterday! The gang was up & about near the start of the storm. The temps were milder then! By the end, the wind was crazy and it was about -12 with the wind chill. Brrrrrrr....I'm gettin' cold just thinking about it!
More white stuff falling? Quinny's not coming out then!
Stinky just loves his mom and even got the feet cold in the white stuff to step out and say Hi!

The rest of the gang weren't budging, but had no problem poking a hand out to grab an available treat when they realized there were some!

Snow or no snow, the younger kids were out as usual....especially when they thought they were getting fed!

Roxy as cute as ever and doing great!

Hanging inside the little kids pen.
Marshmallows are always a welcome treat!! Button very gently selects hers.

Charger grabs a handful and chows down.

And Outlaw.....what can I was a tug o' war getting the container back from him! He wasn't going to let go, even if it was empty!

Charger is so excited about eating he looses his head! LOL!

Happy New Year everyone from the gang at Rascal Rescue!!!

Jingles, Mojo & during the thaw!

Jingles is resting comfortably as you can see! We've reached a little speed bump though. After getting some advice from Bat World in Maine, I roused him to to get him to take some more fluids and possibly sub q him. Well he got pissed off enough to totally spread his wings and give me a good look and I noticed a couple small tears in one of the wing membranes.
So I will be getting back in touch with Jen and hopefully figure out what is best to do with our little friend!
In the meantime, Mojo and Miracle are doing great. Mojo has finally gotten used to much so he is constantly begging at the door for nuts when he sees me now!

And of course, how could I resist him!

The unusually warm 60+ degree weather has everyone venturing out! With most of the snow melted the gang has been hitting the feeding station again.
Here's Daisy looking great as usual!

The platforms were crowded! You would think they were starving out there! They certainly don't look like they've lost much...they are still porky!!

Mom and her late kits are doing fine also. My only concern for them was having been late babies, I hoped they would have enough fat and volume on their frames to hold them over for a long term sleep. But mother nature gave them a break and some great spring like weather in between storms to allow them to hit the feeders and replenish for the round of snow hitting us now!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa's helper & Jingles the bat.

After almost 2 feet of snow, the temps. have risen and it's all melting!! One brave soul ventured out on Christmas Eve. Not for long, perhaps just making sure all was in order for Santa's visit?? I am guessing now that the snow has melted down to a more manageable couple inches of hard pack, more will be venturing out soon. Forecast says we may hit the 60's this weekend! I have a feeling everyone will be out because they will think it's spring!!
Our little friend Jingles is hanging in there! LOL...sorry, had to say it! This seems to be his spot of choice. Settled in this spot a couple days after getting here and hasn't moved since -except to open his mouth for his daily drop of water, then right back to sleep like all good bats should be!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Love the gang at Rascal Rescue!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow & more snow!

All the snow has finally stopped and the sun is shining! Don't let that fool ya's FREEZING & the wind isn't helping! Every time I blaze a trail through about 18 inches of snow, the damn wind fills it back in with drifts!
It is very quiet out back in the big boys pen. Food is untouched and no prints to be seen. They are NOT going to deal with going out in this.
A quick peek out....nope not goin' out in this crap! The only reason he could poke his head out is because I cleared the front of that den box after the first storm when it was almost buried. The whole entrance would have been buried this time if I hadn't.

He retreats back inside to let the others know.....don't bother getting up!

I finally get a glimpse of Mo (top right)....he has remained hidden back in the den box throughout. It appears they finally figured out they were all too big now to fit in one den box. Someone got tired of getting the drafty spot by the entrance! So Quinny, Rollo, Mo and one of the twins....I think it's Nosey.....are piled in this one.

And we have the other twin, Stinky......

.....and Tosser in this den box.

Up in the main pen the younger kids are business as usual. No one was going to venture out into the outdoor section this day! So the little puff balls got their way and I catered to them once again with delivery service.
Everyone clamoring out at once to get to me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Raccoons!

It's the day after our first real big snow fall. About a foot on the gorund and more to come.
The little kids have that rolly, polly look now! The look like chubby little puff balls as they eagerly head out to greet me! Then it happened.....Charger's paws hit snow and the line came to a screeching halt!! It was comical watching every ones face go up the but of the coon in front of them!!
Outlaw finally takes point and starts down the branch. His paws hit the snow..... what the........

Ohhhhhhhhh mommy it's COLD!! What is it!!! GET IT OOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!

The smarter coons stayed up on the nice, dry shelf! Roxy on the left says "No way I'm goin' down there! Button in the middle started the attempt......

....then thought better of it!

Finally one brave soul out of them all! Charger lived up to his name, and charged right down into it!

He thoroughly enjoyed checking out the cold, white, fluffy stuff...

.......pouncing on it, feeling it and tasting it!

Briefly that is!!! It didn't take long before he realized...." feet are FREEZING!!"
MOM!!! Get me outta this stuff!! Pick me up NOW!!!!!!!

Button didn't avoid it all together though....while checking out a different part of the cage, one misplaced step and a pile of snow landed on her! Ha ha!! She was NOT a happy camper! But damn cute none the less!

Out back with the big boys and all is quiet. No one is going to be venturing out for a while I think. The only reason I got a glimpse of Quinny & Rollo is because they drew the short straw and were the one's stuck near the entrance!

One look outside was all they needed......I'll see them in the spring...especially since we have another 5-8 inches of snow heading in right on top of this storm!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The big boys say Hi!

After an ever-so-frightening encounter with their first snow, the older boys are doing well! A few even graced me with their presence when I went out to check on them! Some very lazy, sleepy hello's......only Nosey actually got out of the den box, and that was just long enough to pee on top of it, then mosey over to a different one and visit his brothers in there!
Here Nosey pokes his head out after settling into the other den box!
Then he decides to give me some lovin' after all! A cold, wet nose stuck in my ear.....

.......and a warm coonie hug!

Quinny peers out with no effort to venture any further out!

Then Rollo decides to poke his head around the corner long enough to realize "No way I'm goin' out into that cold!"

Meanwhile Nosey positions himself for his afternoon pee break up top!

Stinky ventured out partway......

....then also decided better of it and went back in to sleep.

Toto as usual was very happy to say Hi to mom...without venturing out of course!

Then he too backed his way into the depths of the warm den box and back to sleep!