North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dusty, Buddy and Sissy finally released!

The overwinters were finally released last Sunday! A little later than planned due to weather issues and other logistical issues I will not bore you with. Sissy was the bravest and wasted no time heading out and on top of the pen. The boys were much shyer, but eventually followed!
Dusty being the bravest of the boys came out but just lingered by the exit. However, with a little coaxing from Sissy, he eventually took the big step of actually leaving the pen!

 Every time I have released here, not one has lingered long at the pen. Now that I want to get in there and scrub it down and get the rest of the babies outside, I can't get rid of them! LOL 
By Thursday, Buddy and Sissy were just popping in to say Hi and get a meal here and there. But Dusty here doesn't seem to want to leave. He is usually hanging around on or in the pen, depending on the weather! He's quite fond of following me around on my rounds through the woods too!

As you  may be able to see in the background of some of the pictures, we have a new  10x24 raccoon pen in the process of going up! Once that is finished we will have plenty of room for the hoards of babies that have flooded in.....but it's taking time as we have some WONDERFUL friends donating their time to build it, and it's a very busy time for everyone! Coordinating a time everyone can be here is tough, not to mention all the very crappy, rainy weather we have had so far! the meantime, as we wait for the chance to either finish the new pen or vacate and clean out the old pen, Romeo's group continues to run amok in the rehab room inside! On the up side.....listen to the glorious crunching sounds......the sounds of them eating puppy chow....(yes, solid food!) on a regular basis now! Ahhh the wonderful stage of being WEANED (for the most part)'s a big bonus for me!
 It gives me more time to sit and actually enjoy them a little more now, and Romeo (right) and Picasso are obviously pretty happy about that!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Along came a duckling.....

The warm fuzzy part of an ACO's job! Get a lot of calls for ducklings that fall through the holes in the drain covers. Love it when we're able to pluck the little guys out of the drain and reunite them with an anxious, yet patient, mom waiting close by! Another happy that went a lot better than a previous rescue  where too many people jumping in and doing the wrong things (with the best of intentions though!) led to orphaned ducklings!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A member of the pack.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the early morning hours of Sunday! I caught a glimpse of brown out my bedroom window, and thinking the dogs were outside and that Bernard had decided to wander over to where he knows he shouldn't, I went to the window to scold him!
Imagine my surprise when I saw this beauty meandering through the yard! Imagine my bigger surprise when I actually had time to run downstairs, grab my camera, and get onto my back porch in time to get some awesome shots!!
Sorry it had to end though....her mission was less than playful and her intent was my sitting ducks, eating under the bird feeders next to the house, totally unaware. Sorry dude, you're gonna have to catch them fair and square out in the woods, where I don't have to watch it with my own two eyes!
She was so intent on them it took her a minute ( and two unsuccessful passes at squirrels) to realize I was standing there talking to her!

What a great way to start the day though! :)

A better way to end the day.....Dusty and crew were finally released!! I don't usually wait this late with the overwinters, but weather, being too busy to focus on it, and other little factors had caused one delay after another. With a great stretch of weather predicted for a change, they were released here and are hanging close to the pen for the time being and I'll have pics up soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outside fun for Sweetie's group!

These pictures show just how much fun Sweetie's group had outside much better than any words could! Trees to climb, food, hammocks to play in, food, a big spacious den box, food, and a pool! Oh and did I mention food! LOL Lots of fun finding food tucked in everywhere. The pool was awesome...until Sweetie decided to poop in it that is! There is always one that has to ruin it for them all!

Munchkin may be little, but don't let his size fool ya! He can hang with the biggest of them!

Meeko was a little shy at first but eventually joined in the fun.

Bagel gets an earful from Meeko when she finally decides to come down and join the fun.
Newton chooses a snack.

Munchkin's sister, Muffin, here on the left. She's a little bigger and darker than he is.

Annie, who is actually the youngest of the group, no longer looking like a baby. She's loving the group and eats just about everything! She's fond of the pears though....
The biggest  with the smallest! Sweetie is huge compared to little Munchkin who is on the small side for his age. But he's so darn cute everyone loves him in there. He gets away with everything!
Right about now is when the pool had to be closed for cleaning! LOL Luckily everyone had some fun in it and got a drink before the shameful event!
This weekends project....getting the gang set up out there permanently!