North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Visiting the island.

Well, still no luck hooking up with Lisa to get the rest of the release pics, but it would be cruel to keep you waiting any longer for an update! Our trip over there on Saturday was a great one! (at least for me since we saw most of mine, but unfortunately none of Laurie's)
On our arrival Doc had been napping on top of the den box and there were obviously others inside.
Little did we know there would be so many inside! LOL It turns out most of my crew were in there....all but the boat babies....Doc, Sis, Soldier, Sammy, Brim, Spit and Rocco. They were very happy to come out and visit and were none the worse for wear.

Soldier (aka fat ass! LOL, he's huge!) again.
Trooper helps himself to some treats.
Sis chillin
Soldier in the hammock.
Soldier (top), Brim (left) and Rocco hanging out.
While we were out there 2 of the boat babies came in. No sign of any of Laurie's gang.....but they were a little on the shyer side anyway.
Then once again it was time to leave and we had to deal with the heart wrenching scene of them trying to hop on the boat to go with us.....
....then following along the shore and standing there watching us until we were finally out of sight.
Ugghhhh! I just want to set up a tent out there and camp out with's so hard to leave!
Laurie and I actually popped over there earlier this morning as well. Had a short visit with Trooper, Doc, Sis and Sammy who were all in the den box. We didn't really have time to hang out long or go searching either. Chances are that early in the morning they would be sleeping like the dead anyway and not even hear us! We're planning another trip over Sunday and hoping to check out another release site and even get it set up Monday if it checks out so we can get the second and final group out there!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A very foxy update.

Been working on my poor fox population here at home. I may have to resort to trapping. This one is not looking great, but not a bad as another that has been hanging out. The poor thing is very skinny and it's eyes are being affected by the mange now, but I don't see it regularly enough to get the proper meds into it.
My regular visitor is definitely reaping the benefits though. If nothing else, the mange is not getting worse and she's not starving! She checks the area I bait regularly so she gets occasional treats....

....and I usually get all the proof I need that she's eating the mouse with the ivermectin in it too!
Remember that awful looking fox we captured and brought up to Tufts? Well here it is now looking absolutely beautiful! Hard to believe it's the same fox. Pretty soon it will be heading up to Dawn's (where we brought the 11 kits earlier in the season) for final rehab and a soft release. The fox is doing great but the fur is a little sparse for going into the colder months so it needs a little extra support. It's much better off up there anyway! Good luck little the happy ending!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The squirrels are growing fast!

The squirrels are in one big group of 12 now and in a bigger cage. They have all kinds of hammocks and boxes in their cage but they all have to sleep in one! The hammock on the left....

 ....I can't believe all 12 fit in there....along with all the shredded newspaper they drag up in there!
 Then they hear mom coming with food! Yayyyyyy...and everyone is up and about.
 Cute little Spot is usually the first to come running.
 Walnut isn't far behind.
 After their formula everyone gets a treat....yummy nuts to exercise their growing teeth on! Some are not patient enough to wait for their own and try to steal someone elses.
 Most have learned to grab it and run to a private corner to avoid illegal seizures, LOL!

 Hey....where's mine!
 Once everyone has a nut, they settle in somewhere to hide and eat the treasured treats.
They all range from 150 to 300 grams now and are growing like weeds. Even little Acorn has finally overcome the issues he had and is gaining ground on the rest. Now it's just a matter of time before they are weaned and moving to a large outdoor release pen.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The first release - Part 1

Wow! Been a crazy couple of weeks! A lot has happened. 12 baby squirrels are doing great and growing like weeds. 16 squirrels are out in the release pens awaiting their freedom. The chipmunk had a visit to Tufts to evaluate it's teeth after suffering severe trauma about 3 weeks ago. (Shame on me, I still haven't gotten pics of the chippy on here!) He's probably going to overwinter while I give it some time to see if the teeth are going to grow in normally so he can be released.

And........some of the gang has been released! (sniff, sniff).
It was a first for us. No release pen! Sort of a "soft" hard release. The location is awesome, an island in the middle of a swamp full of privacy. It requires a boat to get out there! So a first visit over there included bringing den boxes to put in the trees and setting up feeding buckets for them . The next trip was the big move. This past Wednesday, myself, Laurie, Lisa and a friend Bella spent the day bringing the releases over there.

The mode of transportation.....a canoe and a row boat. Laurie and Bella headed out with the first load of crates. Midway across there was an escape! Soldier and Spit managed to pull the door off their crate and there was just no fixing it. Luckily they were actually quite calm about it. Both calmly spent the rest of the trip sitting in a lap, enjoying the ride and apparently understanding jumping off the boat would not be a good idea. Whew! Once the boat landed they were the first to hit the ground running as they explored their new home.

Laurie heads back after dropping off Bella and the first load while Lisa heads out with another group.

Lisa heads in for a second load.
Laurie heads in to pick up me and the last of the babies. I had stayed behind to keep an eye on the gang while the rest were being shuttled across.
The second wave and I patiently await our turn in the boats.
Most of the gang were pretty calm.....
....hanging out trying to get my attention....
.....or just plain old chilling.
A couple were not so thrilled about the whole ordeal! LOL
But once we all made it to the island, everyone was thrilled to be out and exploring! Hopefully those pictures will be part 2. Due to the logistics of ferrying everything over there, and the fear of dropping things in the water, the camera did not take the trip with us. So I got these pics with my cell phone and Lisa got some much better ones with hers! I just have to wait to get those pics from her phone to my computer to post them.

Once all the lugging and lifting and transporting was over, we spent a fun afternoon on the island with the gang. It was a riot watching them explore. At one point Laurie, Lisa and Bella headed out to get some chow for us while I opted to stay behind and enjoy my last day with the gang. Most were running around like crazy, but Sis maybe knew things were changing? She opted to stick close and enjoy one last cuddle with mom.

Finally it was time to depart, and the worst part was rowing away as a few of the gang came to the waters edge to watch....looking like they were almost going to try to swim after us. And OK, I'll admit, that's about when I started balling my eyes out!

And so..... Soldier, Trooper, Doc, Sis, Sammy, Rocco, Brim, Spit and the 4 boat babies (along with 8 of Laurie's babies) have begun their new lives as free raccoons.
If the weather clears up, Laurie and I are hoping to head over there this afternoon to check on them so I'll update you on them soon I hope!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Squirrels

The three youngest squirrels, Acorn, Almond and Walnut, are doing well. I was a little on the fence with Acorn for a bit. He was still having terrible gut issues and loosing weight as opposed to gaining and just down right sickly, but I think he's finally turned a corner. Last weigh-in he actually gained weight! I'm still keeping a close eye on him, but the weight gain was huge!

The original six maniacs are great! Eating like pigs and playing around like crazy now.
Three of the little ones, Atty, Stripe and Whistler, stop wrestling long enough to pose for a picture.
This is Foxer (one of the 2 big girls) with Spot, the smallest of the little ones.
They are having a blast climbing around and playing.

Little Spot, my sweetheart. She may be tiny, but she huge on energy! No problem keeping up with her siblings and her 2 larger step-sisters.....and she loves her momma too!

Playtime is not restricted to inside the cage either! Trying to keep them in order during feeding time is crazy! When I go to put one back in, the rest are waiting at the door to slip by when I open it...
....grabbing the empty syringes to try to suck down more formula.....
...or heading right for the source....the cup of warming formula....
...or just teasing the younger 3 in their cage.
It's almost time for a bigger cage. Once I see a little more improvement in Acorn, everyone will move up to a bigger cage together to make one big happy family.
Got a call from work on my day off about a squirrel found laying on someones porch. I picked him up and brought him home. He's doing fine! No idea what happened to him. No external injuries and in good shape. He's not a baby, maybe an older juvenile. Basically old enough to want to kill me though. My guess, he had a fall or got a good whack by a car, enough to daze him but not hurt him. Instead of releasing him back near the busy street where he was found, this lucky guy will go out into the release pen and get a soft release here where he has a better chance of avoiding deadly run-ins with cars and humans.