North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Rundown.

Are you ready??? Here they are in all their cuteness!
Romeo, Juliette, the Rowley 4 (Bonnie, Clyde, Sampson, Delilah), Rikki, Tikki, Tavi, Bear and Picasso in one big coonie pile.......

 The Brockton 6.....

 Digger and Bitty.....

 Munchkin (OMG is he not the cutest little thing!!!), one of the 3 that came in together from the ARL. He came in with his sister Muffin and another single that was little older, Bagel, that had already been put together with them prior to getting here so I kept them together for their quarantine. They are in the cage in the background...sorry it was just impossible to get a picture of those two that wasn't anything more than a blur!
 Newton, the Reading boys and the single female from the ARL are having regular visits with the Arlington single. Initially ready to call her Killer due to her not so happy to be here demeanor, her playtime with the other 6 have made her more of a Sweetie! She has really come out of her shell and is actually running around and playing with them. She is especially fond of Newton as you can see!

One new baby brought in.....the big 30, picked up on the side of the road roaming around. The finders said a raccoon had been hit by a car the day before right in that area and they were pretty sure it was mom. This one is the new Killer LOL! Not happy at all with me or the new situation, but like Sweetie, nothing a little time won't change. Once the quarantine is over I'll introduce him to Sweetie and the gang and they'll bring him out of his shell in no time! Also like Sweetie, doing well eating formula out of a bowl, which is good since he's not letting me anywhere near him for any reason right now!
And there you have it in a nutshell as far as the raccoons go!
In the land of squirrels, the 7 older squirrels have moved into the outdoor release pen. Another older single that came in is in another outdoor pen. It was old enough to be weaned, and eager to kill me anytime I went near the cage to do anything! It's a miracle I got her outside without being bloodied!
Only 3 little ones left inside still on formula, but starting to nibble rodent chow.
Whew.....I'm tired just thinking about all the babies to feed.....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some quick updates....

The coyote pup we got in Pepperell is living the life! She went out to Western MA to our wonderful friend and incredible coyote and fox rehabber, Dawn! Thanks so much Dawn, we know she has it made with you.
Even luckier for our little girl, Dawn happened to have a mom coyote in with her own 5 pups about the same age! Mom was very good and allowed our little girl to integrate into her own brood. Yayyyy! There she is on the left, sitting up and looking at the camera.
 And here she is with her new mom! She is definitely much happier with her than she was with us!
There have been a lot of new additions, squirrels and raccoons, around here so I have not had as much time on the computer to post updates as I would like! Three more raccoons from the Animal Rescue League and one from Tom, the Arlington ACO are settled in  and doing great. I'm happy to report that all the babies brought here are healthy and doing great! I'll try to get an update in pictures soon. That brings me up to about 29 raccoons. Laurie has at least 20 and Lisa has begun to handle some of the overflow! We are a little full right now with raccoons! (On top of the other various squirrels, possies and other critters!
Picasso has joined Romeo, Juliette, the Rowley 4, Rikki, Tikki, Tavi and Bear. He's thrilled to have friends! The 4 brothers from Reading, Newton (as I have come to call the little guy brought by the very nice family from Newton) and the ARL female brought in the same day are all together as a group and happy to be snuggling with someone! The 6 Brockton babies are a handful all by themselves, so for now they are going to stay their own little group, and in about a week, the 3 new ARL babies and the single from Arlington will be able to join other babies.
I picked up an injured adult at work this past week who is now settled in Laurie's pen. Aside from minor injuries, he appears to be OK. He is getting around, climbing well and eating and drinking, so it appears a little time to recover and rest is all he will need. Rufer, as Laurie has named him (I got him off the porch roof of a home), should do just fine and eventually get released back where I found him.
Brandy, the injured adult I had here, has been released as well! The mom raccoon that went into labor in my car and was settled at Mary's is doing great! Her babies are doing well and Mary has expanded her world by allowing her access into the huge pen she has. Mom immediately went out to explore, found the larger den box in there, and proceeded to move all her babies into it. Must be like the Ritz Carleton to her after settling into a 30pack beer box out of desperation the day she went into labor!
I'm getting ready to head outside to clean out squirrel pens so I can start moving some of the older squirrels out....right after I try to sneak in a cup of coffee for myself to keep me going......Oh the madness of baby season!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where did I leave off?

OK...continuing with raccoons....
Four yet to be named boys, found crawling around a couple days after a raccoon had been hit by a car in the road in N. Reading. All 4 are doing great and way too active for a decent picture, sorry!
Two more followed close on their heels....this girl from the Animal Rescue League (picture courtesy of them!) from an unclear situation....
.....and this boy brought in by a very nice family from Newton. He was found wandering around on the ground, no idea why or what may have happened. Nice and quiet when he came in, he's quite boisterous and active now! Both are doing great and eating like pigs and I'm sure they will be happy when their quarantine is over and they can have company too!
Our little unique boy was not reunited with mom, so he is settled in here now as well. This little piece of art is Picasso, and he's a little on the quiet and reserved side. I think he's just a little freaked out by all the changes that have gone on in his life recently. Not to mention he's all by himself until he's out of quarantine. But he's coming out of his shell a little bit more with every feeding, and in about a week he'll have more friends to play with! This guy may actually be one of my grandkids as he was found not to far away from here. Thanks so much Colleen for helping him out!
A day later, 6 more cuties! 3 boys and 3 girls in perfect shape. Mom had been hit by a car in Brockton and luckily the caller knew about the babies. Their den was of course high up in a tree so the ARL to the rescue again! They got the babies down the day after mom was hit so aside from being a little dehydrated and hungry, they are the picture of health. No problem getting them on the bottle and boy are they a handful!
Two more singles that were each found in various places wandering around on the ground were brought in and are safe with Laurie. One was pretty skinny and obviously orphaned. One younger one was in great shape and obviously not without mom for too long. I gave it fluids and a reunite was attempted, but like Picasso, no luck.

Bear is doing awesome and has recovered perfectly! Out of quarantine, eating like a pig and packing on the weight. He is now happy to have friends, hanging out with Romeo, Juliette and the Rowley 4.

Digger, Bitty, Rikki, Tikki and Tavi are doing great also. Digger, although younger, has outgrown Bitty already! He's so tiny, but doing great! His eyes have finally opened and although little, he looks like a normal coonie should and I'm sure he'll catch up as time goes by.

One more rescue....these little ducklings were pulled from a storm drain at work. Unfortunately the people did not wait for me to get there after they called me. By the time I got there, there were about 20 people running around chasing the ducklings they had already pulled out, had put down on the  ground, and had started running around the parking lot with cars going by. The whole commotion scared off the mom and 2 ducklings that managed to evade the storm drains. Once I managed to pull the rest of the ducklings out of the drain and gathered the rest running around in traffic, I drove around looking for mom to no avail. In fact I didn't find a single duck at any of the ponds up in the business complex area.
After consulting with Jodi, an awesome bird rehabber I might add, I took the babies in for rehab. I set them up with some heat, water and food....
.....they ate like pigs and made themselves at home in the guest tub until Dr. Weiner, one of the great vets at Woburn Animal Hospital, transported them up to Gloucester with a cardinal to Jodi. 
A happy ending for the ducklings, however it would have been better to get them with their mom. There is that much less room in rehab for future ducklings that are actually orphaned......

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Horned Owl rescue.

Laurie and the ARL assisted this beautiful Great Horned Owl last week after it got entangled in a soccer net. Great job Ladies! The owl was fine and happy to be flying free again after it's ordeal and luckily the ARL got some great pics of the rescue and flight to freedom!

Monday, May 6, 2013

All kinds of craziness!!!

We managed to rescue this adorable little coyote pup in Pepperell on Friday.The resident was kind enough to rip up the floor of a shed to get to her! Wonderful people! Thanks to them for looking out for this little girl!! Aside from being a little skinny, dehydrated and scared, she is doing great. She spent a few days with Mary until Sue transported her to a wonderful rehabber in Western MA that specializes in them.

 The same day we got the coyote, I ended up with this very cute little gosling! The nest was on the roof of a building and when they all jumped off, this little fella hurt it's leg. He's at Tuft's now and I'm really hoping he is able to recover! He was a good patient and ate very well while I had him....of course that meant he pooped very well too! Holy crap! (pun intended!)
And speaking of resident buddy Hissy and the missus made an appearance today with their 4 new kids! Adorable.

There are squirrels everywhere! We've been overrun! My gang here is getting big and eating lots of tasty things...but they love it when they get a nut for a treat. No sooner did it get easier dealing with them and more came in. One trip to Tuft's to deliver a hit by car possum with her babies...and I end up coming home with 8 baby possums and 6 baby squirrels. It was a tight fit, but we divvied them up between me, Laurie and Lisa. Laurie took the possies and me and Lisa the squirrels. We're a little out of room for more until the present residents move outside and free up some cages.

Not to be outdone, the raccoons are closing in fast! Six more have arrived here over the course of the weekend and more expected tomorrow after a possible rescue by the ARL and an attempted re-unite by another resident. I did get a look at the little one we are attempting to re-unite and it was in good shape, only a little dehydrated. I gave it some fluids and set her up with our reuniting box. She actually lives it's probably one of my grand kids! LOL. Very cute with a unique mask. I really hope mom comes back!!