North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Girls!

The girls (and Moose) are just on cuteness overload duty these days!! They are so very adorable and they know it! Of course Pip knows she's mom's number one cutie pie and wastes no time taking advantage of that! Kinky, Moose and May want to know what Pip is so excited about.
Merry and Dolci finally pop their heads out to see what all the fuss is about. Food? Is there more food coming?
Awww's just Mom!
Kinky came over to show off her newly injured hand. It happened the other night when Trouble #1 & Trouble #2 came by for one of their usual evening torments! It's bugging her enough not to use it, but it will heal up in time. Looks like she got it caught between something maybe?
May in all her cuteness!

And her sister Amy lounging comfortably nearby. I love it when they lounge with their legs sprawled over the edge of whatever they are sitting on!
Kinky joins Amy.
My lil' Pip! God she's the sweetest thing! (not that I'm partial or anything! hehe)
Here she joins her sister Merry who decided to come out and play despite the fact that I wasn't feeding them this time.
One beautiful smile from Merry (or maybe it's more like "Maaaaa...she won't leave me alone!)
Stormy and Moose preferred to stay holed up in the den box. No food, no fun! It was also a little cool and windy out too, so I can't say I blame them! They aren't really a mamma's boy and girl like the rest of them are anyway.
OK so I guess I'll say it one more time....are they not the cutest things ever!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The boys!

Well the boys are doing great! Vin scared the crap out of me when I went into their pen to clean and feed! I'm carrying on in there and catch a movement out of the corner of my eye right above me. Holy crap...I scared the boys when I jumped and screamed like a baby! I think I scared Vin too because he backed up a little and gave me this surprised look! LOL! He must have been looks like mom, but it sure didn't sound like mom!

Tash was pretty unfazed by him....more likely wishing he was up there running around with him.

Oblivious to all else, Gibby just wanted his food.....NOW while LB, Andy and Ringo were a little more annoyed with Vin's suddenly discovered presence right about them (and the strange squealing noise mom made!) Tash found the whole incident pretty amusing I think!

So out of the pen I got to have a chat with Vin. He knew he was in for it too! He saw me coming and a very guilty looking coonie decides it would be best to leave the boys alone and climbs down. He's such a wise guy!!!! And he knows it!! Ugghhhh.

So he starts to check out the woods like he is innocently "just exploring" while I tag along hanging out with him. It didn't take me long to figure out what he was up to though as I realized he was on a round about route to guess where???

Yup, right back up to annoy all the girls again! Ohhhhhh what a little wise ass he is!!
Lately, finally, they are sticking to darkness and staying away during the day.
He and Scrappy are a tag team. Wednesday night I went out there to find Scrappy getting the gang all worked up! He was a little better about it though. I went out and he got all playful and cute with me, but he was much better about letting me "encourage" him away from the pens to play. He made an appearance last night too. I was finishing up rounds and look up one of the trees near the girls pen and see a lounging Scrappy watching me. I must have woken him early....God forbid! I just wish he would stop hanging out around the girls!! I don't want him freaking out River and the babies. Even though she's in the indoor section and can not see him, she hears all and reacts to all! I have not seen hide nor hair of them since putting them in there. I can not even open the door without her throwing herself at the door and trying to grab me and KILL me! But I do hear the babies in there....and luckily I left enough food and water for an army in there. When I brace the door and open it just a crack I can see enough to know there is still plenty of food and the water is still clean enough to be drinkable.
I'm going to have to get in there at some point though, and I am not savoring the thought, nor do I have any idea how I am going to do it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of spring!

I knew it was a good sign when Hissy & the Missus came waddling over to me last week on my rounds! What a wonderful surprise...and they are sporting shiny new leg bands? I wonder the reason for that and I'll have to look into it!
Shortly after their arrival the waterfowl have arrived in droves!!! Tons of geese (including a raucous gang of 6 that keep bullying Hissy away from me when I head out there!) Luckily Hissy actually comes when I call him...I just walk around to a secluded section of the pond and call. He & the Missus eventually works their way to me and get their treat! The swans, great blue heron and multiple breeds of ducks are also back....what a lovely cacophony of sounds coming from the pond now as they meet, greet and pair up! Another sign....(aside from baby raccoons already!)...moms getting their nests ready for the babies! Every year this tree next to the squirrel shed produces playful families of young squirrels! Mom was very busy bringing pile after pile of leaves up the tree and into the knot hole doorway where she is standing in the last pic.

After all that work it was time for some chow at the feeders....and I got a good look at a very pregnant mom before she returned to sprucing up the nest again!
Despite the cooler temps and the actual threat of some snow....Spring is upon us, and that comes straight from the source...nature itself!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Peace in my animal kingdom.

I am always amazed by my furry friends! We already know from past posts that the coyote are not about to screw with the little stinkers.....and that they can, in fact, eat peacefully together out there under a mutual (albeit tenuous at times probably!) truce.
Though I am pretty sure a conflict between coyote and coonie would not ensue except under special circumstances, the coonies are smart enough not to push their luck it. (Any battle between the 2 would risk injury to winner & looser that could affect long term survival and they are both smart enough to know it! Why push your luck?!) The raccoons know when the coyotes are around and they make themselves scarce until they are gone.

Not so much respect for the red fox! At first, as all little ring-tailed piggies will do, they hog the food and chase them off! LOL

As time goes by though, even they can agree to co-exist under a mutual truce! And amazingly, we see the fruits of that understanding.....and I for one, am awed.

The little stinkers on the other hand are only sharing with the coonies because they have no choice! The skunks antics to attempt to scare off the coons are pretty much laughed at.....hysterically I might add, by the coons. There was one clip where a raccoon came in to eat and the skunk wanted none of it! He charged full tilt, tail held high, at the coonie. Mr. Coon proceeded to sit his fat butt down and actually looked toward the skunk like he was bored as stinky raced toward him. Just as the clip ended, so did the threat.....Mr. Coon obviously wasn't impressed and stinky had to slam on the breaks, his ass end flying into the air before coming back down to earth, as he managed to come to a halt within inches of the raccoon.

So eat together they do....because the raccoons love their food more than they fear the stink bomb!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

River.... again.

Upon hearing a ruckus outside, I went into the woods looking for the trouble maker. I'll give you 3 guesses who it was.....but you'll only need one!
A pleasant surprise.....I ran into Button while investigating! She definitely remembered me....almost walked right up to me to say Hi....but her companion was a little spooked and I think the swishing noise my coat made spooked her a little too. Vin had probably already done his share of aggravating them as well, possibly the reason for the ruckus we heard! Either way, it was good to see her looking just cute as ever!!! Vin just ended up back at the big pen harassing the girls again.
OMG, OMG, OMG...I am soooo not ready....but they are so damn cute I just want to cuddle them to death! I alluded to the mom with babies during Vin's escape, and I'm sure you've all been waiting ever so patiently for the scoop.
Well here they are in all their ABSOLUTE CUTENESS!!!
We have another River with us.....couldn't be helped...she came from a home next to a river! The usual gets trapped and "Oh my God....there are babies in there too!" These guys are about 1 day old(when I took these Saturday), bless their little hearts!
Luckily they come with their other than the pain in the butt of shuffling everyone around, my work is easy....just watch and enjoy! I managed to give them a quick once over before settling them in with mom....3 girls and a boy...and very healthy! So in keeping with the river theme, and in appreciation of a wonderful supporter.....welcome Tigris, Amazon, Nile and Howell!
I have not seen them since settling them is a FIERCE protector. She's in the indoor section so she's less stressed by activity going on around, but it doesn't matter. She hears movement anywhere near the door and she's there like lightning, snarling and trying to get at me through it! I have to check on them by sneaking out there and waiting quietly for her to shift enough to make the babies squawk a little!
Vin hanging around is not helping matters either. I'm sure getting the girls worked up is not relaxing the new mom all that much! I don't want her getting too stressed and hurting the babies.
It's pretty obvious by now Vin is here to torment me! LOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And they're off.....

It was such a crazy weekend I don't even know where to begin! A mother with babies coming in has caused an emergency reshuffle of everyone!!! (I'll get to her story later.) Thank god the snow is gone from the woods and for the most part, melted off the fence panels that were stored out in the yard. Even greater thanks to Laurie and Lisa....and that they were both able to come over on Sunday and help me slap up a pen to make room!

We decided to move the trouble maker Vin and Scrappy into this bigger pen, move the new mom and her babies into the indoor section of the big pen and boot the rest of the gang into the large outdoor section separate from the mom. Tash, the last remaining older male in with the girls (other than Moose who doesn't count yet because he's so young) was also relocated into the pen with LB and the other 3 boys. Luckily they all remembered each other and are still friends so they accepted him right back!
My plan is to release Vin, Scrappy, LB, Andy, Ringo and Gibby here....right from their pens. I haven't released here in a while, and they're all boys so if they don't move on, at least they wouldn't bring any extra kits into the area. Tash will stay a little longer...he's finally using his foot, but it could use a little more time.

At least that WAS the plan! That awesome cage that gave us some breathing room lasted 2 nights! Today on my rounds I found the cage empty....Vin and Scrappy found a way out, the little buggers!! Not a big deal since that was the plan anyway, but ohhhhh that little shit! LOL (I must note here that I was not as careful about sewing up the seams so to speak, like usual due to time constraints etc....but I figured if they escape, no big deal, I was releasing them from there anyway!)
It didn't take long to find them. Scrappy found a comfy spot wayyyyyy up the pine tree right next to the pen.

And Vin?? Well as usual he was hanging out where he didn't belong!! On top of the girls pen, pissing them all off again! He found a nice cozy spot under the roof that covers the lower section of the outdoor cage. As I'm out there trying to figure out how the heck they got out, his head pops out and I get this look!

He then proceeded to go back to annoying his sisters again!

I can't say I was too thrilled to see the way he started eyeballing my home! Don't even think about it buddy!!!

Oh well, so back to harassing the girls and enjoying what was thankfully a pleasant afternoon....a little chilly, but not too bad....perfect release weather for coonies, as long as it holds!

Why do I have the feeling I haven't seen the end of this troublemaker!? LOL

Monday, March 7, 2011

A gathering of critters.

With some of the warmer weather we have been having, spring fever is in the air! After seeing the little stinker out I put a little something from our wildlife food donations out for him to give him a little break.
I'm guessing by this picture he's not the one that got to enjoy it! Although I have to admit....they only pick at it a little. They don't inhale it like a dog would, so plenty was left behind for the next crew..... Fox and Coon were very polite dinner partners and shared well....and also left some behind for those that might follow them! Sorry about the quality here...the batteries were on their last legs!

I never would have guessed it would have been this crew though! I have my regular hen that comes back every year, but she certainly doesn't bring a rowdy gang of boys! They polished off what was left and did some sparring as well it appears.

I only decided to check the cameras because I walked out to the shed one afternoon a couple of days ago and suddenly noticed one of the stumps out there moved! I immediately stood still and looked a little closer. Turned out to be 4 toms just hanging out together. I left and they eventually wandered off into the woods past where I have the coon cam set up. So I decided to download the pics and turns out it was a busy day for toms! Not something I usually see on there and a pleasant surprise to boot!

Lets hope this signals the end of one long, cold, awful winter!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A short term patient.

Got a call from a great kid who came across this unfortunate fella in the middle of a busy intersection in town. It was acting dazed and trying to run and falling over. He managed to scoop it up and get it to me.
(Yes they do come out during warmer periods over the winter, they are not true hibernators.)
Well by the time I got him and peeked in the box he was already making awkward attempts to jump out of the box. I set him up in a nice cozy cage to de-stress and rest for a while.
His exam showed him to be in great shape actually. No external injuries other than a swollen eye and all his limbs were working just fine. His body condition was great! He was most likely grazzed and stunned by a car during a sluggish trip above ground.
After a night of rest our little chippy was back to being alert and active and very quick! (and pooping and peeing fine as you can see!) No evidence of internal injures....good!
Fresh water and some yummy foods were eagerly consumed.
Then a nice hot pack for the closed eye and voila! Everything normal under there too!

I brought him back to the intersection where the kid found him to scope out a safe place to release him. I opted for the parking lot of a local ice cream shop that's got some yards and bushes around it. I opened the cage toward the direction I wanted him to go near some nice bushes, then he did an about face and proceeded to start to run the opposite way right across the open parking lot! Visions of him heading towards the road and getting squished right in front of me dancing in my head!
But it or not that ice cream store has it's resident chipmunk back! Because he knew exactly where to find that hole under the corner of the building.....he made a bee line right for it, no hesitation, no searching. He is home sweet home! Good luck little fella!
Insert warm fuzzy here! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Following in the Fox's footprints.

I love that my dogs are not prey driven or go nuts at the sign of other living things in the yard (with the exception of Grammy and Grampy and other favorite human visitors...nuts does not begin to describe it, LOL!). They do, however, serve as a great alert system when there is something of interest out there I might love to see.
Take, for example, the scenic dog couch. Strategically placed for comfortable observation of the great outdoors. (Thanks boys for the great pose to show the folks out there!)
Bernard was sitting up there yesterday afternoon, perusing his kingdom. As I watched him I noticed a very slight change in his demeanor....the ears went up a little and he was no longer just looking, he was intently watching something specific. He didn't make a noise or move really...but I knew there was something! So I trot over to take a look. (with Boo and Marly right behind me, because they could tell by MY reaction there just might be something good out there!)
Lo and behold we had a visitor! One of our local coyote was out scrounging around. Recognize the green fencing on the ground? Yup...following the same basic route as our little foxy friend a few days ago.

She poked around outside for a few minutes then ambled off down my long driveway. I didn't like that she was heading toward the more populated area during the know how people are..."Oh my god it's rabid, it's out during the day..."etc, etc! (They are SO misunderstood and persecuted!) But a few minutes after she disappeared I walked down to check on things and I noticed her tracks veered off into the woods before going down near the other houses.
She looked great and there is no reason to suspect any problems, and she was definitely smart enough to avoid the populated area.
They are out there during the day folks, they have just adjusted their wandering habits around people to the dark (usually), when their biggest enemy can't see them! Perhaps our girl here was pulling double duty to find more food because she's eating for 3, or 4 or 5 now?! Oh I would love to get a glimpse of some pups this spring!
All I know, what a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to observe her! It beats the pics on the cooncams I have out there for sure! And..... at least it was at a decent hour, instead of at 3am when they wake me yipping outside my window and it's too dark to see anything anyway!