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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Neighbors.

Thanks to the wireless surveillance system I got a couple months back, I'm getting a much better look at the furry neighbors I share my little patch of woods with....and it's great! This camera allows me to get much better video.
Look at this handsome fella! He was a beauty and apparently wanted his 15 minutes of fame. My only concern is that his front leg is obviously injured, based on the way he hobbles on it. I did not see any visible blood, wounds or compound fractures when he literally held it there in front of the camera as if for me to examine! I can only hope it is not broken, and that he will get by all right out there!
Luckily he wasn't here when these 3 showed up! They may have taken advantage of his predicament, and may still do that if they encounter him in the area. I'm very happy to see my coyote family appears to be thriving! Absolutely gorgeous!
It's not often I see this little fella around. This grey fox is in beautiful shape. The little coonie on the left actually chased him off a couple of times, but eventually decided to be nice and let it sneak a quick meal. This is a good example of just how small a grey fox is. I think the coonie on the right is actually bigger!
Finally, to my total delight, the reds!!!!! Hooray....they are not all gone, and they look absolutely beautiful to boot! No mange on these guys. I feared for the fox and the coyotes after the mange they were battling a while back, but it appears it was not widespread. Maybe the baited mice helped with that.
As usual, the coonies are always out there. An occasional rat or possum makes an appearance and I haven't seen much of the skunks lately. I've only got the one camera set up right now, but eventually, I hope to get some set up by the pens. Then when they are full of babies, what a show we will see!
 For now, it's good to see the habitat, and those sharing it with me, appear to be healthy and well!

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