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Friday, September 5, 2014

Peter, Piper, Pickles & Pepper.

A lot more juggling has been going on here! Ash and Ali are out with Abbott's group now and loving it! Pickles and Pepper are adorable and have been introduced to Peter, Piper, Tyson and Ricky and all are getting along great despite some very big age differences. I have to say, Piper, who is the youngest and still on 4 bottles a day is doing amazing with them! She is very well liked by all of them and they seem to know they can't be as rough with her as with each other....they have been nothing but gentle with her from the very moment she was introduced.

And now that I am totally in love with them, I am letting some of them go! Peter, Piper, Pickles and Pepper will be joining Gripper and Chichi with Carol, our friend and fellow rehabilitator that we have managed to get hooked on raccoons! :)  (she was Thelma and Louise's first mom before they came here to join Abbott's group!) She is wonderful with them and I can guarantee they will love their new digs in their newly constructed enclosure!

Pickles and Pepper. I'm not sure if I told their story, but the ARL picked up Pickles in Arlington after Mom and another sibling were hit by a car. They had been told 2 other babies were seen, however they only found one. The next day I got a call from the Arlington ACO for a found baby raccoon. Hmmmm....could it be? Laurie had Pickles so I had the ACO bring the new baby to her to see if maybe it was the missing sibling. OMG was it ever! Laurie said it was instantaneous recognition and total and utter happiness upon being reunited! Whew! Hate it when we know there is an orphan out there that can not be found....can't help but worry about the poor thing.

Piper meets Tyson......Love at first sight!
.....and Peter

......and Pepper.
Pickles and Pepper

The older boys....Peter, Tyson and Ricky
The whole gang! Yes, Piper is buried in there somewhere, usually snuggled under Tyson who is hiding in the back. :)
The very handsome Peter! (He likes to pose)
Last but not least, Piper meets Ricky.
Tyson and Ricky will be staying here. They are much older and bigger and Carol's enclosure is perfect for the 6, but 8 would be to many.

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