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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Babies are here!

And so it begins! The first baby raccoons have arrived! Four very little bundles of joy. Once again, victims of a terrible pest control company. The mother was trapped and exterminated. Two day later the residents find these freezing and starving babies, barely a week old. Luckily this time, they called the ARL, who got them to us. 

The tiniest one, a little girl, had me worried for a while. After they all warmed up, she remained a little dull and was weak and quiet. But now that they have had a solid day of formula to fill their bellies, she is doing much better! Nice and active and she's gained 10 grams since Thursday! A very good sign, indeed! In fact, they have all gained about 10 grams in the 2 days they've been here.

Right now, they are safe and cozy in a warm incubator with nice plump bellies!

Laurie's got some pinkies that are also doing great! We're off and running!

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