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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Raccoon roll call.

Our original gang, Star, Stripe, Glory and Francis  are doing great and growing like weeds. They have since been joined by the Tuft's 3, and they are all at that stage where they love to play!

The ARL brought in a little girl that was not reunited with it's mother from a tire shop, and the MSPCA brought another little girl that was found next to her dead mother in the road. Mom was most likely moving her when both were hit. She had some minor wounds and an injured leg, but has since made a full recovery. One found at a tire shop, one almost run over.....Pirelli and Michelin are totally adorable and fit in perfectly with the gang!

Another 4 became orphaned when their mom was also killed by a car. Younger than the rest of the gang, but bigger! These adorable giants, a girl and 3 boys, are Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum!

Four more! Only a couple of weeks old and in pretty bad shape when they were rescued by the Chelmsford ACO. Two litter-mates were already dead. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. One girl has a little corkscrew tail like a piglet. It is unknown what happened to mom. They are not out of the woods yet, but they are doing well and are filling in.....they no longer look like skeletons with prominent rib cages.

Another I picked up at work. A resident called because something had been banging on the basement door since the night before. When we opened the cellar door, this little guy was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at us! He is the sweetest thing and came to me like I was his best friend! Definitely skinny and no idea what happened to his mom either, or how he ended up down there!

Last but not least, two more Townsend twins! Only not identical twins this time. One is much larger, quieter and reserved, the other is smaller and obnoxious! LOL Won't sit still for a second. They apparently fell from a third story house. There is nothing wrong with the smaller girl and the larger one only appears to have a rear leg issue. Doesn't appear broken and she is using it, but she's definitely favoring it.

20 and counting here, and 9 with Laurie.

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