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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy Blizzard Batman!

The only living creatures I know of that actually enjoyed the Nor-Easter/blizzard we just got SLAMMED with are these two crazy nuts!!! LOL
Bernard especially enjoyed it, bounding around like a deer in 2 feet of snow, then burrowing under it! I have to say I'm surprised.....considering he is a southern rescue. This was his second snow fall and he is delighted! They stayed out and played in it while I went and dug out the pens and I nearly had to drag him back inside he loved it so much. My other southern rescue, Marley the 3 legged pit, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! I'm with him on that one!The pens were buried, LB and the boys never even poked their heads out while I dug out the door to their pen. The rest of the gang, on the other hand, were a little braver.

Nothing stops the 3 little piggy's from asking for a meal! They came right out and finally convinced a couple of the older ones to join them.

They got some fruit to snack on....even that didn't convince the smarter ones to come out into the crappy weather.....then we all returned to our respective dens to hole up for the remainder of the storm!

This is by far the most interesting position I have seen for eating a plumb. That's one way to enjoy your lunch out of the elements! (sort of)

Kinky digs right in. Scrappy was the only other one that bothered to come out. The rest waited for me to toss the fruit in to them in the indoor section of the pen.
The snow has finally stopped, but the wind hasn't. I have to break a new path each time I go out there....within a half hour of my passing, it's all filled in again! Considering it's above my knees, it's very frustrating .....and exhausting!!

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  1. ooooh, SO MUCH SNOW!! great pictures...everyone seems so happy and loving it!!