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Monday, January 3, 2011

LB and the boys.

LB, Andy, Gibby and Ringo are doing great in their own private suite at the inn. LB is finished with his antibiotics and all is still well with him. Whew! No more problems over the course of the winter should indicate it is not going to be a chronic problem and he should be set to go with the rest of the gang.
We had a doozy of a blizzard just after Christmas where most of the gang....including myself, holed up in their den boxes for a couple days. After the wind finally died down it was back to business as usual for them.
Andy, Ringo, Gibby and LB....always eager to come out for dinner!

The rest of the gang in the big pen are great also, and with some of the boys separated the conflicts have ceased where Vin is concerned.

The girl that came in around mid November that was staying in Mary's pen until I had room....well she's still there! The cage wasn't vacant long after Vin and Tash moved out and since she's doing great and has settled in well over at Mary's, we'll just let her stay there. She's not ill and acting more like a raccoon should be, running and hiding when Mary checks on her. Come springtime we'll just open the door to the pen and she'll be free to go right from Mary's.....barring any other raccoon shuffling we may have to do!

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