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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Reader's Digest expense!

Forgive my lack of posts as of late!! I have either been too busy at home to sit at the computer, too busy at work to get on here and post, or my "dinosaur" of a computer (as the IT guy at work put it!) is not cooperating and I am unable to is, to put it bluntly, Sh!&#ing the bed. I might also add that there has been a lack of anything new and exciting to report anyway, as the over abundant (and very annoying!) amount of snowfall has pretty much kept every living thing out there holed up!
Laurie and I did rescue a Canada goose this past weekend that was struck (allegedly) by a car. A duck found dead in the road with him was not so lucky. We brought the goose to Tuft's but alas, his fate was with the duck and I found out today that he died. At least he did not linger in the street freezing and in pain.......The barred owl from Bedford is doing great though. There are pins in the wing and he's getting more x-rays tomorrow to check the progress.

I caught a glimpse of Tashmoo using his injured foot.....just a little, but using it none the less! Can you say RELEASABLE!!! Yayyyyyy! (assuming I didn't just jinx myself)

This story is from Vernon, one of our biggest is a riot and I must share it with you!! Vernon, I can only guess they became familiar with our boy Vin through your wonderful photo pages of him perhaps?? This is like one of those stories in the news where they tell us the write in candidate on a ballot that almost won an election was a cat! LOL I love it! It is most eloquently told by him:

The Reader's Digest writes to me every few months to announce that I have been given a half-dozen entries in the latest prize draw, something I have yet to win. These letters seem to get through despite their completely mangling my address ; I have tried many times to tell the correct form of the address but to no avail. This time the prize-draw documents came with a clutch of specimen cheques, each made out -- so they supposed -- in my name. Imagine my surprise to see that they were all drawn in favour of 'Vincent -----' ! So I have spun a wee story for the benefit of the Reader's Digest involving yet another role for star of stage and computer screen ... Raccoon Vin.

Is there anybody there?

For years I have been returning your documents annotated to indicate that your version of my address is wrong. Part of it is right but it includes so much else that my receipt of even some of your missives must be taken as tribute to the endeavors of the postmen.

I have just noticed, however, that you are not only using an incorrect address but also addressing your letters to my raccoon!

Now, I realize that-as Sterling North related in his book of the name (which you really ought to serialize, along with his more famous Rascal)-raccoons are the brightest people but even Vin does not run his own bank account. I hope, therefore, that, should you ever have the much recommended task of sending me a cheque, you will draw it in my favour rather than his. (Despite being blessed with the dexterity for which his species is famous, he does not have opposable thumbs and, unable to hold a pen, cannot endorse a cheque.)

Please, therefore, correct your records.
(Proper name & address inserted here! )

Haha!! No worries though, I told Vernon that as Vin's legal guardian I would be more than happy to endorse the check so he could collect the winnings!


  1. LOL!!! Maybe Vin is good luck and Vernon will win! I'm glad to hear that the owl is doing well- so sad about the duck and goose though :(

  2. Where do I begin? First, good to hear from you and happy about the prospects of a Reader's Digest win for "Vin"!...:)JP