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Saturday, December 10, 2011

I found some hidden gems!

Thanks to updated computers and software and technology in general....I got these hidden gems off my old cell phone that broke ages ago! Thanks to blue tooth technology I was able to get some of the videos that were stored in it! So lucky you get to see what it's like when I happen to run into an old friend......and her adorable new family!
It ain't professional by any means, just crappy cell phone quality.....but enjoyable all the same! This is Red with her darling family last June 2010 when I ran into them checking the main feeding station.
Then of course there was Little Monkey, one of the reds released here that year that decided to make me his little play gym. I would show up and and he would immediately start demanding some kind of treat, then proceed to strip search me if there were none produced forthwith!
Sometimes he brought one of his siblings and god forbid I put the raccoon formula and food down for a minute......they would just start helping themselves! After all, I was there to cater to them, was I not?!
Never a dull moment when heading out to take care of the rehabs!!

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