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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lisa's Birthday party.

Thanks to a night off for everyone and a very yummy cake made by Mary....

....we were able to get together to officially celebrate Lisa's (29th!) birthday!
Once again another wonderful night of food, friends and fun!! And a bunch of dogs crawling into every ones laps...LOL. But the girls are used to that by now when we get together at my house. And this time we have pictures of Lisa AWAKE on the couch by the end of the night! (although I do look forward to getting those wonderful pics and surprising her with them!)

All else is well in the animal kingdom. Boston is doing great, all the overwinters are fine and the little porcupine brought to Tuft's is improving! Enough so that it is ready to go to a rehabber for long term convalescence. So Dee and Tom will be arranging to get the little fella where it will be in good hands! Another happy it!

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