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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boston gets some friends!

We have been so lucky with such mild temps up until now! Unfortunately that is coming to an end, and with single digit temps predicted (accurately I might add!) to start today, I was under the gun to shuffle some of the gang around while it could still be done. I didn't want to risk frostbite and more importantly, quite frankly, I just didn't want to freeze my ass off!
So....... thanks to a LOT of help from Laurie, coonies have been successfully shuffled just in time to beat the freezing temps out there today! It's not like we had anything better to do with our time off than run around in the woods fixing pens and moving coons around, right? LOL

The boys have been totally separated from the girls. Not going to have a repeat of the Vin Adventure's this year! Totally different pens so there can be no B&E's and larcenies of raccoon maidenhood! LOL
And the best part of all....Boston has friends! We moved him into the big pen downtown first and I'm happy to report he's walking and climbing with no problem! The inside of his leg has totally healed and the top of his foot is better every day.

Once the rest of the boys started arriving he was a little nervous at first and slunk around hiding from them. Then he ended up in this den box....followed by the 5 boys. Now he had no choice but to say it or not! LOL

I'm happy to say the boys were on their best behavior with him. Eventually he chanced a little look-see outside......
....then he got braver, and actually got a little excited about it I think! The worst he got was a little huff from Bama, but Chester here and the rest were nothing but encouraging to him. Good ole' Chester even gave his ears a little lick. Although he wouldn't come out of there while I was in the pen, for the first time he actually chanced a little sniff of my hand when I approached the den box instead of retreating to hide inside. He was definitely cognizant of my interaction with the boys and seemed to realize that I might just be OK if other coonies are not afraid to be near the big scary monster! Regardless, he is a gentle soul, and we had no problem vaccinating and transferring him to the big pen! (unlike some of the brats we raised from babies!)
Speaking of brats.....hehe. Cooper down below and Chester on the left were very good boys for the process. The other 3 (Bama and Laurie's 2- on the right and the next pic)......ugghh! But once they got settled in they were a little forgiving of us.

Bama here was the worst and as you can see, remained quite peeved even after settling in.
Chester is loving it!

Cooper .....
...not quite sure what to make of the fire hose bridge!
So.... the hammock that was're, ummm,  planning on replacing that right?

 We are gonna have a blast!
New friends, new pen....what could be better!

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