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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dusty has playmates at last!

The last of Laurie's lovely possies were released here a while back. Usually they just keep trucking on and don't hang around, but I have to say I am still running into these little guys out there to this day. It's good to know they are doing well, even if one seems to be hell bent on killing me! I've narrowly missed falling on my ass going down my back steps. I find myself relying on some pretty creative evasive maneuvers to avoid stepping on one lingering at the bottom of the staircase! Oh yeah, that's a face plant waiting to happen!

And finally! The moment we....and Dusty...have all been waiting for! Friends!! I picked up this brother, sister team from Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation in Springfield. They have settled in wonderfully, and Dusty is THRILLED to have playmates!!! It didn't take long at all for all 3 to become fast friends. It's the cutest thing to see them all curled up in the hammock together. Brother and sister are taking good care of their new little brother, despite the fact that he is smaller, and they keep each other nice and toasty and warm all piled up in the den box together now that it is getting colder out.
Thanks Dee, Tom and Kathy......don't worry, we'll take good care of them!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures!It did my heart good to see them settling in. Hope they get big & fat quickly so they can snuggle and keep each other warm out there! Santa is on his way with the snow I'm afraid! Thanks again! Kathy