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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The story of Tiny.

Seeing as most of us have worked at animal hospitals during our lives, it stands to reason wildlife is not the only thing we spend our time rescuing, and, seeing as I am an Animal Control Officer, it stands to reason there is no shortage of domestics in need crossing our paths.

 Case in point: October.... I get a call from a woman who states someone apparently left a dog in a carrier out in the street in her neighborhood. It was left out all night because she heard it barking the whole time. By the time she called me, the little dog was running loose in the area. 
My first thought, as it had been a very cold evening, was why did you wait all night to call while the poor little thing froze out there.....but I was concerned about the poor dog so I focused on that!

My second thought, as I arrived and noticed the carrier sitting there with the door open and a tiny white dog running loose, was why did someone just let the dog out to run around and possibly get hit by a car, instead of calling Animal Control!! Again, not helping matters!

 Of course the poor little thing was petrified and all it did was bark at me and run away if I approached. So I went over to the carrier instead, to check it out. Nothing but a little towel, a couple of empty bowls, and feces coating every inch! As I steamed over what some (forgive my language!!!) asshole did....a little luck came my way. The little dog took a step towards me. So I did what any normal, sane person would do.....I laid down on the ground and started talking in my sweetest little puppy dog voice! LOL!  I looked like a crazy person, but it worked! Her little tail started wagging and she very slowly crept toward me. As she got within a couple feet, she too crouched down to the ground and crawled the rest of the way into my arms! 

I brought her back to the station and set her up in a nice warm kennel with comfortable blankets, food and water. She was also covered in feces and covered in big, uncomfortable mats down to her skin.
 What a sweetie pie she was....all 6 pounds of her! So of course I sent a text out to the ladies and everyone stepped up to help this little lost soul.
 Laurie took her to work where she was shaved, washed and checked out by the vet, and Lisa offered to foster her until she found a home (after the required  hold period in case her owners claimed her, which , not surprisingly, they did not!).
 Voila! She looked like a new dog!
 She stayed with Lisa, and occasionally with me or Laurie for short visits and the whole gang loved her!

Fast forward to Christmas. Guess where Tiny is! Yup....Lisa's!! Can you say Foster Failure! LOL 
Tiny now has a permanent home with Lisa and has a big brother, 2 cats, and 2 human twin girls to call her own! As you can see she is loving life now!

 Fast forward to February and now that her fur is growing back in, she is just cuter than ever and loving it when they all head up to the lake house on weekends to go snowmobiling!
 Rags to riches for this lucky girl! Love a happy ending!!

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