North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Annual WRAM Conference.

We had our annual WRAM conference at Tuft's in Grafton this past Saturday. A day of fun,learning and networking with a room full of people as crazy about wildlife as we are!
We usually get there early to help set up, getting the raffles ready.....
....while JoAnn spreads out the mountains of wonderful goodies for us to devour, donated by a couple of our favorite places.....

We get to mingle with some of our friends and fellow rehabbers that we don't see in person very often.....

....and give out awards for those who go above and beyond (and bring all the goodies! LOL)
There are lots of awesome raffles, including some incredible hand made items like the sweatshirts Mary paints! Amazing!

Of course we also get to thank the Vets who do so much to help us out with the animals, like Dr. Schless at Woburn Animal Hospital where Laurie works.....
.....and the staff and Vets at Tuft's Wildlife Clinic! We would be lost without all of them!

And what conference would be complete with some very cool animals! A beautiful Barn Owl, Barred Owl and Red Tail! It's pretty amazing seeing these guys up close!

Someday we may be able to leave Tuft's without taking something home with us too! They had a grey squirrel in need of a place to go to recover. Not really sure exactly what is wrong with it, but once Lisa got it into her outdoor pen it became clear it was not about to climb or come off the ground. Mary has it now, in a small indoor pen to evaluate it.

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