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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home invasion, wilderness style!

So, the other night I went over to my brothers house with Boomer. The journalist that saved him and his brother, Bruin, was back in the area and wanted to catch up with them and see how they've grown! (Operation Syria is another wonderful rescue story that resulted in Boomer coming to live with me in February....a story I will have to fill you in on soon!)

When I came home and opened up the garage, I discovered this! Needless to say, I knew something (or someone!) was amiss in there!
It did not take long for the culprit to be exposed....and I must say I was not surprised! When the little bugger scurried under a cage to hide, I decided to take a closer look...
....and the real culprit was exposed! River! She's raided the garage in the past so I'm not surprised she took advantage of the open door before I left and locked them in! Last time she was with one of her kids, and turns out this time she was too. I think her accomplice was Amazon.
Once they realized the gig was up and it was just me in there, River just came out and headed out the door with a look that said it's about time you let me out! All it took was a few almonds to bribe Amazon out of there!

Ahhh life in the woods! Gotta love it!

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