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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trying to settle the overwinters.

The overwinters are doing great and loving the seasonal treats they are getting. They were beyond thrilled with the goose berries I picked......

.......and will be just as thrilled with the huge bucket of acorns my beautiful and wonderful Niece went out and collected just for the critters! Thank you so much Ella....something both the squirrels and the raccoons will absolutely LOVE!

The older group is pretty well established and I don't think Henry will be going in with least not while he is as small as he is. I am not comfortable with the way a couple are treating him. Tuk is acting especially aggressive towards him so it's probably not going to happen. I do, however, happen to have another single coon that will be coming here. She's older than Henry, but having been a single, I anticipate her being pretty receptive to a friend. I think once they get over their initial nervousness, they will make a great pair and I think Tuk is done with letting newcomers into the group.

So for the time being, little Henry gets to go on walks with mom and get some supervised playtime with a couple of the bigger kids who don't mind going over to his place for a visit! He loves his walks and is getting braver. At first I couldn't peel him off me!

But he soon learned how much fun he can have out there when not clinging for dear life to my leg!

He is absolutely adorable and we've progressed from the bottle to a bowl of formula, along with eating puppy chow like a pro!

 Another new guest is this cute little stinker. I got him out of a window well after 3 days! Poor thing! There was some question as to whether he was ill or not, so I held on to him for a quarantine. It's not over yet, but I'm happy to report after a week he has greatly improved and is acting perfectly normal, so his symptoms were most likely due to dehydration and hunger! I anticipate being able to vaccinate and release him in the future.

All 4 squirrel release pens were full. The doors to 3 have been opened and the 4th should be opened this weekend, weather permitting. Once they clear out, they'll be filled with the next round! A group of Laurie's reds will be overwintering here as well as the 5 youngsters I still have on formula here.We are still trying to juggle squirrels around and figure out where they will all be going, as we have a lot of late babies that came in this year! Lisa has a group of flyers also that I believe are overwintering as well. Cute little buggers!

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