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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A little bit of everything.

At last, the rest of my squirrels are outside! The 5 overwinters are loving the wide open spaces of a much bigger cage to explore! Believe it or not there are still babies out there! Laurie just got one about 6 weeks old last week! What a crazy squirrel season this has been!

Lisa has some adorable overwinters of her own! She's got a little group of flyers she just  moved into an outdoor pen. Are they the cutest things or what!

The little stinker is making friends too. Since deciding to keep him for the winter, we decided to see how he would get along with Mary's 2 overwinters so he would have someone to cuddle with to keep warm. I guess it's safe to say all went well since all 3 were cuddled together in the den!

Now that Henry and Roxy are keeping each other warm in the den box they've been moved over to the bigger pen to give them a little more room.

Didn't take them long to make themselves right at home!

The rest of the overwinters in the big new pen are doing great and growing like weeds. They are all becoming as wide and they are long. Tis the season!

I think Munchkin here is the best example of roly poly by far! He and McFly want nothing to do with me! Tavi, above, is the same way, which is fine. I know they, along with Digger who is equally skittish, will be avoiding people at all costs once released!

Annie....still sweet as can be but getting less needy as the time goes by.

 Muffin, who is Munchkins real sibling, is much nicer than he is.

The big boy Tuk! He's huge! Had he not been raised as a single with lots of contact with people he would have been ready to go with the gangs we already released.

Everyone is pretty much set for the winter.....lets hope everything remains status quo!

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