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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life in the woods.....

So I finally went through some of the video of the "extended family" here at home and here are some of the more interesting ones! They certainly know how to keep me amused.
First we have a  coyote, raccoon and stinker all enjoying a meal together....and peacefully at that!

Remember the saying a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush? It's a lesson this silly coyote should learn! He kept trying to fit all the rolls in his mouth at once. It was pretty comical to watch, and he tried many times.

A grumpy raccoon decides it doesn't want to share with a poor unsuspecting possie! Coons, skunk and possie all in the melee. Of course the coons are smart enough not to mess with the skunk.

Not to worry though....the possie has been back with a few moves of his own. No more bullying him around!

The little stinker from the window well is  doing awesome and is just as sweet as can be. Mary has a couple spending the winter so I think we are going to try to see if they might all get along and spend the winter together.

The last raccoon I was waiting for has arrived. She's a big beautiful girl, Roxy, and is sweet as can be. She's much bigger than Henry, but very gentle. It took Henry a little time to get over his apprehension, but he has since learned how fun it is to have a friend to play with and they are officially cuddle buddies now! None to soon either with the very cold weather that has arrived.

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