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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A little chage....what do you think!?

So, here we have a new look for the blog! Now that I have a computer up and running again (although all the data from email addresses to pictures is still "trapped" in the old one), I was able to finally get on here and play around with the blog! It was time for a little change I think, a little something to make it warmer and a little more earthy? Any opinions?

In the meantime, Mr. Squeaks is doing awesome! He's a total sweetheart and based on the fact that he absolutely loves attention, it's pretty clear he's a domestic rat. He has graduated to the Ritz Carlton of cages and he loves the new digs! We'll be looking for a great home for him. I love him to death, but he's such a social guy who loves attention! It would not be fair for me to keep him as I really don't have the time to spend with him that he deserves (and wants!)

Everyone else outside is hunkered down with the frigid temps and a new foot or more of snow dumped on us. It's miserable weather for trudging out there and caring for the gang. Thanks to Dad though (and his snow blower and the snow shoes he got me!), it's a little less miserable.......Whatever happened to having no overwinters and getting winters off so I could hibernate too!

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