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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some of the extended family.

A few of the locals!
A couple of visitors earlier one morning. Lucky for me, Boomer is great at notifying me when someone else is in HIS yard, LOL! Gives me time to grab a camera and get some shots.....

 As usual, there are always plenty of local raccoons hanging around! This girl is pretty shy, but loves raiding the bird feeders when the yard appears clear of everyone!

Belle usually comes in every afternoon with the kids....she's not shy and has no problem telling me it's time to feed her!

Usually Amazon is right behind Belle, working her way to the dinner table with 2 babies in tow....

....then one more.....
....and the final 2 of her 5 pulling up the rear!

Apparently, this particular night I was not quick enough getting a meal out back for them! As a result I had an audience outside the window "reminding" me they had babies to feed and to get on the ball! Of course I accommodated them...

Beautiful Amazon, River's daughter. She looks a lot like her father, Vin!

The more patient gang were waiting for me out back in the woods. Tuk and River tolerate each other pretty well. Both are injured, both were brought in, and both proceeded to rip up the wire floor of the pen and dig an escape route out. They can still get around and function out there, so I am monitoring them and giving them a safe place if needed. They are far happier this way, and I don't have to worry about my pens being destroyed in their obvious preference to be free and not so protected over penned and miserable!

My beautiful River likes to visit with me, sometimes hanging out in the shed while I'm getting dinner ready for the rehabs.

Meanwhile Tuk likes to visit the other residents.

Belle and her 2 kids.

TeeGee can also be pretty demanding when I am late!

Lots of other various visitors come and go around here.

Some stay for a while taking a little nap! LOL Actually, being a red and all, she's probably just sleeping there to make sure no one else tries to steal "her" food! :)

This young character was as curious of me as I was of him. Usually the jays fly off before I can even point the camera at them!

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