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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Kids on the Block

The whole time my first group were out galavanting in the woods, the new kids were trickling in. It started early in 2007 and lasted longer with a lot of late babies. This year we welcome 3 early babies rescued by the Animal Rescue League from a chimney nest when their mom was hit by a car, 1 boy, Fuzzy and 2 girls, Silly & Red.

Then we have 2 more boys, Smokey & Goofball and another girl Dandelion (Dandy for short). All singles....Goof and Dandy were wandering neighborhood streets all alone. Smokey was the only good thing to come of a tragic story. Men working on a roof dropped tools in the chimney. In the course of retreiving them they discovered a mom and babies in there. They harrased and chased off the mom, then proceeded to start to kill the babies. One worker managed to scoop up the last little guy and brought him to me.

The next boy, Feisty, was brought in by a local animal control officer. His mom got into a huge fight with another coon that tried to raid the den. In the confusion, the babies ended up scattered out of the nest. The aco kept an eye on the situation and Feisty was the only one still there in the tree after a couple of nights so she rescued him. Lets just say his name speaks for itself!!

Finally we have brother and sister Sarge and Siren. They were found by local police wandering in a busy street and rescued. (and would never sit still enough for baby pictures!)

Once again over the course of the summer they all grew big and strong and very charming, learning to fish, climb and forage in knot holes and other hidden places.

Until again, one beautiful September day, the gang was released to find their way into the wild.

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  1. Awww the pictures give me baby fever!!! I am only taking emergencies this year as far as coonies go to give my release spot a break..but looking at the sweet baby faces will make it hard not to go into our center and bring home more babies! I will try to post my release pictures when we do our big release in a few weeks. :o)
    Kim in Texas