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Monday, November 17, 2008

Raw chicken wings....yummy!

The big boys out back got a treat of raw chicken wings today! They LOVE raw chicken wings! And they eat every last ounce....bones and all.
They all grab one and move to separate spots in the cage so they don't have to share!
Toto in one den box......
Stinky & Quinny were the only 2 who didn't actually hide inside a den box with their prize..
Stinky rips through it like butter!
His brother Nosey in a den box...

Stinky is so excited he can barely contain himself!

Quinny gets to work on his.

Toto finished in no he's lookin' to me for more!

Rollo only appears after his is gone.

It did not take long for Stinky and his powerful jaws to reduce the chicken wing to bones....and it was only another few minutes before those bones were crunched into little pieces and gone too!

....the little kids in the other pen are thoroughly enjoying all the climbing room them have in the big pen.

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