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Friday, November 7, 2008

Silly, Roxy & playtime in the big pen.

Finally ran into someone out back last night! Here is a very large and healthy Silly hanging out having a treat with mom. It is definitely safe to say she had packed on plenty of winter fat to get her through a rough winter!! Holy cow, she's HUGE!!
Roxy has done amazing after her surgery. I figured when I came home one night and she was in the tub chewing on my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles she was climbing well enough to try it in the outdoor pen for good.

So a couple days ago I brought Roxy out into the big pen and let the 3 little kids in as well to see how they did. I am amazed!! Roxy had no problem getting around the whole cage....up on the high shelves, into the den boxes, and between all 3 sections of the cage. And the little kids! Not a problem whatsoever with the high areas. Everyone got along wonderfully and they all had a blast!

For now they will all have the run of the entire pen while I am around to keep an eye out. At night Roxy and the 3 little kids will stay on the smaller side until there is no question Roxy has adjusted to getting around with total confidence now that her surgery is mostly healed. She is definitely thrilled to have playmates again and it is very adorable to see her playing with them!!

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