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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snack time.

Old and young alike love to come out for treats...despite the FREEZING temps around here lately! Fruits and nuts on the menu as the little kids learn to open whole nuts.
Outlaw trying to figure out how to open that nut, because he knows he smells something good in there somewhere!
Awww, very cute. Almost looks like mom and kit....but it's not, just one of the little kids learning from a recovering adult how to find the nut in the shell!

Outlaw, Button and Charger foraging around for treats and food in the pen.

Button looks like she's telling a pretty animated story! She's developing a dark patch of fur between her eyes....a beauty mark I guess!

Still trying to figure out how to open that nut.....

Charger searching for treats among the logs.

Outlaw wonders....hmmmmm, do I want pear or apple??

Ok, pear it is!

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