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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Squirrel Tales.

These guys are just too cute. Part of my daily routine now in the evenings includes hanging out with the squirrely boys. It never fails. I'm taking care of the coonies, going in and out of the shed for food etc. and soon there is an audience hanging out by the tree next to the shed, eagerly anticipating my attention! (Or maybe it's just the goodies they know they are going to get.....ya, more likely that!)Reds and grays don't typically tolerate each other very well, but I'm happy to say my boys are very well behaved and share pretty well....dinner together is quite enjoyable. There is even one scarred old chippy that peacefully joins them on occasion. Maybe because they are young? Either way, I hope it lasts.

Little Monkey is usually the first to get my attention.While the 2 grays that usually stop by will wait quietly under the tree for me to notice them......

.....Little Monkey will hang from the tree and squawk away at eye level until he knows he has my full attention! (when that doesn't work, he just runs over and climbs up onto my shoulder....ahem...EXCUSE ME, I'M HERE!)

So I get the sunflower seeds out and dinner is served under the scenic oak tree for all....
Little Monkey gets what he wants....mission accomplished brings a happy smile to his face!

I'm such a cute, happy little fella! Here....get my good side mom!


  1. This is so darn cute! You know perhaps you should consider renaming your blog to "The Laughing Animals" (although I still like The Laughing Raccoon better) LoL

    Thank you for bringing our wild friends happiness so that they can always give big smiles on their faces!!

  2. so adorable! I have red, black and gray squirrels in my yard and they all seem to get along okay- but maybe it is because we feed them and we have TONS of oak trees- which means tons of acorns? Maybe you don't need to fight if there is plenty of food to go around? Love these pictures ♥

  3. Great photos!!! It really does look like Monkey is smiling. I would just love to have that little guy climbing up onto my shoulder!!