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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tree companies...the good & the bad & the idiots.

OK! I have been remiss in updating on the %*$#*@# tree company that chainsawed a family of raccoons in a tree and left them there.
(Recap...tree crew killed mom and severely injured 2 babies...1 survived, the other had to be euthanized, and the rest of litter was untouched and well thanks to ending up in Laurie and Mary's care.....then left them there. 2 HOURS LATER they mentioned to the home owner...oh by the way, chainsaw massacre happened in there...and left. Unlike tree crew, home owner has common sense and compassion and calls animal control.)
That being said....the animal control officer went over there to speak to them and spoke to the crew and the owner (who was not present for the incident). The long and the short of it was basically "we didn't know they were in there and we didn't know what to do". (So just do nothing idiots!) The owner said there is nothing they can do when that happens, what are they supposed to do?
So the aco read him the riot act and basically's a novel idea! Instead of let them suffer, call the animal control officer? DUH!
So whether the story is true or not....if it's not, then they are just plain assholes (sorry no use for an edit there!) If it is you really want a crew with no common sense, who obviously can't think on their feet and panic when something non-routine (assuming it was!) happens, cutting a tree down next to your house?? (Not to mention can just let something like that happen and not even have a twinge of compassion for another living thing and at least try!) I know I don't and you'll never hear me recommend them ever.
It's not just many time I hear stories of tree companies that just hack down the trees and throw the squirrel nests they find full of babies into the chipper. It's up to you to police them if you hire them because most (not all) don't care....make it very clear to them what is to happen to those animals if found in the tree. Most squirrels have more than 1 nest....those babies can be reunited after they leave.....!
Now for the good! Not all tree companies are like that! Laurie came into an awesome release site thanks to Bella, a man who brought her some raccoons. It's in Littleton and we checked it out last week....couldn't be more perfect!!! But I almost cringed when I saw he ran his own tree company. That soon changed after listening to him talk about how he makes sure to be careful of animals living in the trees....and turns out he is actually the one that rescued the reds that I released here and brought them to Bella who in turn brought them to Laurie....including Little Monkey! He "won't touch a spruce in spring because of all the baby birds in them." He's always helping rescue cats from trees as well. Now THAT'S my kind of tree company! He's a wonderful guy with a wonderful family and we are very thankful for his permission to release on his beautiful property!!
He hasn't got a website, but I know I'll never hesitate to call him if I need tree work done....
Out of Littleton and Westford
biill peters


  1. I'm really glad you posted this Deanna. What Marquis Tree Company did is just beyond comprehension. I hope Marquis Tree Company takes this seriously and changes its ways-the idiot owner could fire his moron crew for starters! Lucky for them (and probably for me as well, lol) that I don't live anywhere near them.
    It's so good to know that there are people like Bill Peters out there.

  2. I truly don't understand some human's lack of compassion for other living beings. I hate to even kill a spider because of the wonderful things spiders contribute to our world. I'm glad you posted this also because people like Bill Peters should be recognized and maybe- just maybe- others will wake up and follow his good example.