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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little humor....

Mary's birthday was Sept. 9th so we all got together at JoAnn's this past Sunday evening for dinner and to celebrate. Lot's of great food and fun (and babies to feed!).....and most humorous was this gift certificate for a manicure she was for a whole Fity dolla! Haaaaaaaa! And this was the final fixed result after a lot more confusion on the employees part!
The next day it was time for Lisa to "decorate" her outdoor squirrel pen. So Laurie and I gathered some "branches" (ok...maybe small trees in this case..hehe) for them to bring over.

They were too big to fit inside so we figured what the hell.....and just strapped them on top! Meanwhile there was a very angry adult squirrel delicately contained inside the car that had been injured and now well enough to be released back at Lisa's where he was found. Hehe...I'm glad I wasn't along for that ride. I could picture it....with the window cracked ever so slightly and a psycho squirrel running loose in the car trying to kill them..."but officer, we needed new branches for the squirrel cage!....." LOL

Needless to say, everyone made it to Lisa's in one piece, without escape and without having to explain it all (or at least try to!) to a police officer!
In the meantime there are lots of baby squirrels to tend to! I'll update you on that crew soon! Still no sign of the gang released in Littleton. Short of sitting out there all night long, I don't think we are going to encounter them again. In fact, they dispersed so well we may send a second group out there soon!

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