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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dandy & the extended family.

Well it has been far too long since updating you on my extended family sharing the woods with me!
Lets begin with one of my favorite success stories...Dandy! If not for Dr. Bruce and Dr. McGrath, she would not be out there today bringing her adorable new family in for a visit! THIS is why we do what we do!
Then we have the bachelors. All the older know those loners who don't socialize and kill kits whenever they get the chance. HA! These guys have been hanging out for a couple years together, and they made sure Dandy and her kits were long gone before chancing a meal!

Then we have Dandy, Quinny and Scrappy all eating peacefully together. All from different releases....none knew each other prior, Dandy a new protective mom, Quinny a seasoned adult male now and Scrappy the new kid on the block.

Having recently had conversations on the Raccoon Network regarding the so called "experts" who decided what the social lives of raccoons were like....I'm always curious as to how the hell they came up with their info. Because to be honest with you, it's all a load of crap! After years of observing them out person and on's obvious one of them probably saw one lone raccoon one evening and spun the tale of the elusive procyon lotor, with something less than an intelligent imagination! LOL


  1. OMG! These are so great! Dandy & the bunch...maybe you should, if you haven't already done so, begin documenting to blow holes in their theories!!!...:)JP

  2. I'm glad you're discovering an unsuspected social side to these guys, but don't be too harsh on 'the experts'.
    Field biologists are now finding that the social organisation of many species is really flexible and variable. Just like diet, it all depends on the habitat the critters are living in. Many species who are seriously 'solitary' in harsh environments are more than happy to get down and party in places where food is plentiful. And your little guys are so canny and opportunistic, there are probably populations indulging in every social system under the sun (sorry, moon)!