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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun with foraging!

Bear with me! My computer is slowly but surely up and running again. It's been nothing but a nightmare since the hard drive they replaced mine with is not loaded with the same things. Having trouble working with pictures and files of course. Oh and when I right click a picture to "rotate clockwise" when they are upside down......they disappear never to be seen again! WTF!!!!!!! I am annoyed beyond words and to be honest, I shouldn't have to be calling Dell every freaking day and wasting hours of my time getting all these little glitches worked out. It's making us all miss out on the cuteness!
Thanks to my cell phone, we have these though. One of many ways to keep babies busy. This happens to be a suet feeder. I fill it with chunks of goodies like apples and sweet potato and hang it in the pen. They have to work at it to get the food out...keeping idle paws busy. And it's fun to boot!

Add in the fact that it's hanging over the pool and anything that falls out means it is bobbing for goodies time!

I've got 4 cute little baby squirrels. I'll get those pictures on here when I get my computer to start cooperating. The 5 possies were released a couple weeks ago and 5 new ones have replaced them! They'll be here until they are big enough to go on their merry way....soon I hope!

Gibby, Scrappy, River and the kids and the rest of the regulars continue to pop in for a visit here and there. I'm hoping they all have secure places to hunker down and ride out hurricane Irene scheduled to hit us Sunday sometime. I'm a little nervous about the high winds and falling trees out here. Lets hope the ones that fall are all empty and miss the pens!!

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  1. cute! cute! cute! and MORE cuteness!! as always! :D

    sorry to hear of your continuing computer problems! THAT sucks!
    i've been having LOTS of problems lately with pictures on my posts. i've tried posting using google chrome AND firefox browsers...SAME problems with it must be a google/blogger glitch...
    it's frustrating! :-/