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Friday, August 19, 2011

An update.

The hard drive in my computer was just replaced so I hope to be up and running soon...woohoo! In the meantime, a brief little update!
A couple happy endings thanks to Maureen! An adult bunny had been pretty much knocked out by a group of guys playing horseshoes. Poor thing had head trauma and I'm sure a pretty good headache! A few days in a nice quiet hutch and he was eating like a pig and no more head tilt. When I brought him back to his home he bolted out of the carrier....straight as an arrow across the field and into the bushes. Then she rescued a  young skunk about a week ago. Some lady found it floating in her pool one morning, scooped it out with a net, and left it there in her yard. It wasn't until later that afternoon that she decides to call animal control because it's still breathing! Ugghhh! I'm happy to report the little bugger made a full recovery though and is roaming happily in my woods now!

On to the raccoons.....
In the main pen. Trooper, Doc, Sis, Bama, Springer, Chester, Rizzoli, Isles, Tumbler, Legend, Sammy, Soldier, Rocco, Brim and Spit...all doing great. 5 of them are getting doxycycline for some skin lesions that developed on their foreheads just in case it's part of the whole mycoplasma problem that started with Pebbles and Porcelain earlier this spring.
In the small pen attached to the main pen we have Porcelain, Pebbles, Lucky and Ducky. They were separated out from the main pen after Pebbles developed a swollen foot and Ducky was limping, just in case it was a recurrence of the mycoplasma. They are also on doxy  and may stay for the winter, as fellow rehabbers across the state have begun a study on the disease as it seems to have reared it's ugly head all over the place! They are doing fine though so don't worry! Pebbles foot is pretty much healed and Ducky is no longer limping. Her issue was most likely just a minor injury.
In the larger baby pen we have Houdini, Pinner, Spencer, Petey and 5 of Laurie's little ones. Cooper and Mayhem arrived first then the younger 3 that for the life of me I can never remember their names and all 3 look alike! I'll get it eventually, especially if they stay the winter which is most likely since they are very small.
And finally we have the 4 boat babies in the release pen we had to throw up to handle the overflow!
It's a full house around here right now.

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