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Monday, October 10, 2011

The second release

Another busy weekend with the second and last release for this year!
Last week Laurie and I scoped out a release site in Norton that was perfect...with the exception that it is an hour away!  Lots of woods and a pond and plenty of room to avoid people. Nikki who owns the property will keep an eye on the site for us though, so even though we will not be able to visit as often as we would like (sniff, sniff), someone will at least be keeping an eye on them. Thank's so much Nikki!!
We got it set up while we were there and planned our return trip with the rest of the gang.
This past Saturday our schedules and the weather all cooperated. After a quick trip to the island to check on that gang (no one to be seen), we packed up the SUV full of raccoons, food and anything else we might need and started the long trip.
Once there it seemed like an even longer trip as we lugged all the coons and crap quite a ways into the woods to our selected site. I think this was the halfway point.
Then the fun began! We let them all out and enjoyed the show! There were just so many cute pics this time that I just couldn't put a limit on enjoy the show as 8 of Laurie's kids and Pinner, Spencer, Houdini, Legend, Tumbler, Petey, Mahem, Lucky and Ducky discover their freedom!


Pinner (left) & Legend


Laurie and I hung around till dark then sadly snuck out of there while we could without being followed. We returned last night to check on them. Four were in the den box but it didn't take long for the rest to come running in once they heard our voices. We had another wonderful visit with the whole gang. It will probably be the last time we see them all again. It's going to be a while before we can make another trip out there unfortunately, so it was good to be able to hang out and say our final good bye's.
I love having less to clean up after!!! but I miss them too!

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