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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whack a mole for raptors.

This beauty has caused quite a stir at the feeders outside my kitchen window. It occasionally decides to make a pass over the lawn and land in the tree across from me, watching chippy's running to and fro across the grass.

Occasionally it makes the effort to glide down and check them out......
......standing over the hole it sees one scurry down, hoping for a little head to pop up so he can pluck it outta there!
Hehehe....meanwhile the chippy has already popped it's head out of one of the MANY other holes in the lawn, watching and warning others from safety.
A gorgeous bird...I think it's a juvenile, the tail is not red yet...however I'm not the best at identifying different stages in birds. My skill is limited to identifying the species at best!

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  1. great shots!! we have lots of Red Tails here too...and LOTS of trails and mole holes all over the place!! i always hope to see one of the little moles stick their head up...but after all these years...i've never seen a LIVE one!
    Beautiful bird!! Bon Apetit' Hawk!!