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Friday, October 28, 2011

This years overwinters are settled in.

The new Chicken little has had no problem mixing in with the group. Just one of the hoard now, rushing me for food at feeding time! She's got a little rear leg issue. Limping on it a little, but using it to climb around no problem. She wasn't brought to me until about 2 and a half weeks after she was found so any injuries are old and already healing. As long as she continues to improve  and has no problem getting around it shouldn't be a problem.

Chicken little helps herself to some chicken liver!
As does Porcelain...before I can even dole it out to everyone!
Yummy marrow bones were also on the menu.
Chester gives a big smile of approval.
Isles takes a drink of water in her usual strange way. She dips her arm in, lifts it up and laps up the water as it drips down to her elbow! Freak! LOL
Vin reincarnated! Pebbles and Porcelain (Pebbles especially!) are their fathers daughters. No doubt he was responsible for Stoney's "predicament" the night he broke back in there after being separated. Pebbles looks almost just like him now...same markings and same longer pointed face. Sometimes I look at her and all I see is Vin! Luckily for me the trouble maker gene does not appear to have been passed on! 
I have my wonderful mechanic, Victor, to thank for the many tire swings the gang enjoys. He saves me the good ones and the gang appreciate it greatly!

Little Cooper, the cutest little boy with the biggest attitude! But he's always sweet to momma!
And so we have our little family of 12 overwinters for the year....Bama, Chester, Springer, Pebbles, Porcelain, Rizzoli, Isles, Cooper, Laurie's 3 that I can never remember their names....maybe I should call them Enie, Meanie, Miny? (the littlest one is a little meanie! ) and Chicken Little.

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