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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's raining raccoons!! has been crazy! What are the chances that most of my calls the first couple weeks on the new job as Animal Control Officer would not be for dogs, but for raccoons....lots and lots of raccoons! I detect some divine intervention.

So I get a call from a lovely couple, Frank & Paula, that discovered 3 baby raccoons at the base of a tree they felt were abandoned. I responded and sure enough, they were very skinny and definitely orphaned. I scooped them up and Laurie was kind enough to meet me and take them to start some much needed re-hydrating! I had told Frank to keep an eye out for more just in case. Don't you know he calls me later in the day and they have discovered 4 more!! Right about the same time Mike from the Animal Rescue League calls me....Hey, we got these 5 raccoons and mom is confirmed dead. You got any room? Sure, bring 'em to the station. Divine intervention again maybe? I decide to drag him along back to check on the 4 babies still in the tree. Glad I did! One had made it to the ground but the other 3 were just way up there. Unfortunately, Mike didn't have the tree gear with him so much to our dismay, as the sky opened up and it started pouring like crazy.....we had to leave them and plan on a rescue the next morning.

 Later that night while at home I got a call from had fallen and he had it safely in a box. I ran out there and picked it up, cringing at the sound of the other 2 still up there in their den crying away as I left...helpless to do anything.

I was never so happy to see Brian the next morning when I met him at that tree and he planned his rescue. I was worried what he would find up there. Thanks to their awesome training and skills...ARL saves the day again! The last 2 very vocal babies were brought down to safety. Thanks so much Brian!! I'm happy to report that all 7 have been reunited and are doing well. A fellow rehabber that only takes a limited number of coonies has them now! I did manage to get some pics and video of Brian's rescue that I will share as soon as I get it downloaded out of my phone! With all the craziness and the fact that Laurie had 3 and I had 4 of the litter, I was never able to get a good picture of the kits together either, but I'll get the rehabber that has them to send me one if she can!

Finally have some pics of the Dighton 4. All are doing great! They were quite fond of getting their pictures taken and posed better than any of them. Karen, they are adorable....thanks again for getting them here!

The Little Rascals...Alfalfa, Spanky, Stymie, Froggy and Darla, are also doing great. They've come a long way from being carried around in a shoe box by a drunk!

The 5 babies Mike brought me are great also. They are huge! Lucky for me, old enough to be weaned because they are not thrilled to be near people, and are not handle able right now. But they have no problem scarfing down puppy chow and bowls of formula.....and coonie crack, aka animal crackers! They have no intention of posing for pictures like the young 'uns.

Last but not least, add this little boy to the mix. A single found by the Watertown ACO....he's very emaciated and dehydrated. He's doing well though and barring any permanant damage already done to his sytsem, he should improve well.
And last but not least by any means, we have our original gang of trouble makers. The Fast Five have graduated to a big crate and love it! They are even using their litter box for the most part like good little babies.

Mason and Cinder are still in with the little runty crew of three (Garfield et al) and get cuter by the day. The little ones are very slow developing....maybe even a little runty, but doing well.

I'll finally shut up and leave you with the most adorable shot of Cinder....Oh just too darn cute!!! Laurie and I have to get ready for a fundraiser for our friends at the Billerica Cat Care Coalition that have always been very helpful and supportive of us!

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