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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Madness & Mayhem!

OK....I'm forcing myself to take about half an hour to sip some coffee and update you's been nothing but busy around here, so hold on to your hats, it's a crazy ride!
The 5 older babies from the ARL are doing great! They are absolutely gorgeous and starting to trust me enough to let me deal with them a lot easier now!

 The original 10...the Fast Five, Mason, Cinder & Garfield, Nermal & Odie are becoming good pals with the Dighton 4 and the Little Rascals. It is total and utter chaos at feeding time. They are all caged in the same room and as they are fed they are allowed to run around for a little play time. Needless to say there is nothing they don't get into. With the exception of Garfield's crew, who are still a little runty in development and too small to handle the big kids, the other 16 are loving the extra large playgroup!

 The little boy brought by the Watertown ACO...aka Fluffa nutta because he is a little fluff doing great and for now is with Lisa. She had a single that needed a friend, and once things have settled down a little, they'll both be back here and added to the group.
Enter the new kids that have come in. Number 26.....A good sized boy (and oh so sweet!) from the Seakonk ACO. He was the only kit captured after mom was hit by a car. He's doing well but came in with a swollen elbow. At this time I am trying to ascertain if it is an injury or a mycoplasma issue. At this time he is getting metacam for the swelling and pain and it is not getting worse. In fact the swelling has gone down some, so I am leaning toward injury.
 Fitchy, another boy similar in size to the Seakonk boy was brought in by Dawn in Fitchburg. He was found wandering the middle of a busy road and she stopped to save him! He is a total sweetheart and doing great as well. He'll be perfect with the Seakonk boy once the elbow is remedied! Full of mischief he is too! He's fond of shredding my gloves right off my hand!

 And it just never ends! 2 more from my hometown. The boy, saved by Maureen the ACO after a resident caught it wandering around after mom was seen hit by a car a couple days earlier, and the girl brought in by a resident under the same circumstances. Both doing great....
And last (I hope!!!) but not final little girl brought to my by Andrea at the MSPCA. They took great care of her before she got to me so she's in great shape and went on the bottle right away...didn't have to fight with her to take it luckily. No pics of her yet, but she looks a lot like Fluffa...

So I'm pretty much as full as I can get with raccoons.....I've got no room to put anymore right now, not to mention no extra time whatsoever, between feeding and cleaning these 30 and still working a full time job! I am praying for no more coonie calls because I don't know that there are any other places accepting them any more either, to send them to! God, I dread this predicament every year!

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