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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Change ups & change in plans.....

Big changes for some of the older kids! The Fast 5, Gimpy and Fitchy....WEANED!! Yeah baby! And not only large outside in the big pen and loving it!
Here Gimpy and Fitchy take a little walk in the yard before meeting the Fast Five.

 Then its on to fun with new friends with lots of new things to explore! A little nervous at first, they all clung to the walls....

 ....but toss a little food in there....oh, and a POOL!!!!!!!!!!!...and there was no holding them back!

 The older ARL 5 are going to be added into the mix with them soon so I can give their pen a good scrub down and get the Little Rascals and Dighton 4 out there.
Change of plans with Fluffa and Millie....they are here now. Lisa couldn't give them up, LOL. I know the feeling! I only like to pass on the new ones that come in...once I've had them a night or two and get to know them, well, you're just hooked!
Mary's Scritch is now buddied up with Champ and both are thrilled to have a friend! I don't think it will be long before they in turn go in with Mason, Cinder and Bossy...then Fluff and Millie...and form another big herd of crazy coonie babies!
My little Odie man is still chugging along and cute as can be. He's all by himself unfortunately because he's just so small and the rest of the gang his age have all outgrown him considerably. He does, however, get supervised playtime with his rowdy pals the Little Rascals and the Dighton 4 and loves it! And they seem to realize they need to use care around him because surprisingly, they are pretty gentle with him, as opposed to the rough and tumble way they play with each other.
On the wild side of things, I've had a lot of visits with some old friends out there! Ringer and Belle, of course, are regulars. River and Gibby are out there usually during the later hours of the evening. River insists on sitting in my lap for some attention and Gibby....yes he is still a big mush! Amazon has been out there quite a bit with Ringer and Belle. I was at first undecided as to whether it was Amazon or possibly Red....they change so much sometimes it's hard to tell, but one night when River showed up while she was out there ended that debate. Mom and daughter were quite happy to see each other! Last night I was again surprised. I didn't think Amazon was a mom, but she sure is, as you can see here with her one very adorable kit! I'm officially a great grandma, LOL. They stayed for a little late night supper and off they went.
The woods are FULL of kits now! Seems like all the moms decided to bring them out at the same time this year. I'm literally almost tripping over some of them when I  surprise them out there. Adorable!

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  1. What an awesome shot that last one is! See little surprise happen all the time!...:)JP