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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My little Odie boy!

Here he is in all his little runt, Odie. He thoroughly enjoys his walks outside with Mom. He's doing well despite his stunted development. Though I am not trying to fool myself. Something is obviously off with him and I fear he may not be long for this world. But while he is here, I fully intend to make sure he is happy and having fun!!

Here is a little example of just how little he is! He is 9 weeks old....older than Champ here! He is about the size of a 4 week old, weighing in at about 375 grams, and should be bigger than her. He is also no where near being weaned with no interest in solid foods.
 His little size doesn't hold him back though. He has no problem hanging with the big kids and really enjoys his playtime with them!
 Besides Odie, these are the last 4 babies remaining inside. The girls, Millie and Champ.
 Champ is doing awesome and such a sweetheart. She was the emaciated baby found huddled under her dead mothers tail in the road.
 Scritch, the little single from Mary, and Fluff, back for good now. Scritch is still getting a couple bottles a day, but the rest are weaned! Even Scritch is eating chow so it won't be long before the bottles stop for her as well.
The past weekend was spent cleaning out and redecorating pens, vaccinating 29 out of the 34 coons, and moving babies outside! Mason, Cinder and Bossy were moved into a pen with the Dighton 4 and the Little Rascals. All weaned at last! Hooray!
Gimpy, Fitchy and the Fast 5 were joined by the older ARL 5, 4 babies that were being fostered by another rehabber and another new kid added to the mix. He was plucked out of a sewer by the Arlington ACO after he spent the weekend in there because the people that found him in there Friday, didn't bother calling until Monday! Poor thing! Now named Chanel (No. 5 of course!), he is smelling much better, has a full belly and is much happier with lots of friends to play with!
The little stinkers have also been moved outside and are loving it. They will be here for a while though, way too young to go even though they are eating on their own as well. It is absolutely adorable watching them play and wrestle with each other. Unfortunately when I get too close they hide so I have not managed to get any good video of it!

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