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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The gang now.'s where we stand with the gang!
There's Gimpy, the ever so sweet and beautiful boy from the ACO in Seekonk. The limp is gone and he's perfectly normal.
 He has joined Fitchy, and they are 2 peas in a pod!

 The little girl from the MSPCA has joined Mason and Cinder. I call her Bossy because she certainly thinks she's in charge!
 Mason would argue that point I'm sure....but really, she so is the boss!
 It was impossible to get a picture of Cinder not blinking! She was not a fan of the flash at all!
 They make a very cute trio for sure.
 The Fast Five are monsters! Big boys full of mischief. Look at those faces...just looking for trouble!

 The Little Rascals and the Dighton babies (Loud Mouth, Screamer, Nipper and Belated) are one big, cute well as very loud and obnoxious.

 An adorable little girl, Champ, has joined us. A man found what he thought was a dead raccoon in the road and when he went over to investigate the tail started moving! On closer inspection, he discoverd a baby curled up under her dead mothers tail....poor little thing. She is doing great now and what a sweet little girl she is!
 Fluffa with Lisa's Milly, and the 2 Billerica babies have gone to another rehabber to lighten the load a little around here, and a single girl, Scritch, has joined the gang and will go in with Champ once soon. She was with Mary during her quarantine period but needs to be with other coonies. I think that might be possible here! LOL

Unfortunately all is not good news. I had to make the very difficult decision to euthanize Garfield and Nermal. They were failing to thrive and not only had they not grown, their health was just declining. Odie, though he hasn't grown a lot either, is still strong and vigorous and in good health despite his size. He's a little peanut...about the same age as the Little Rascals and Dighton babies, but he looks more like he's only about 4 weeks old! As long as he continues to do well, he'll have every chance and all the time he needs to grow up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him. I'm guessing he will probably be overwintering......

The 5 ARL babies are outside and loving it! They eat great and are not exactly my best buds....especially after being grabbed, vaccinated and lugged outside against their will! Pretty soon everyone will be getting mixed in and put in outdoor pens....and weaned!

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