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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Growing like weeds.

Here we have it! The long awaited photos of the 29 babies that are in the outside pens! The danger of digital cameras.....more pictures than anyone could possibly know what to do with! The good side.....more cuteness to share than anyone could possibly know what to do with! :)
I think the pictures speak for themselves in describing just how  much fun they are having and how much they love it outside!
In this pen we have the Dighton 4, the 5 Little Rascals, Mason, Cinder & Bossy.

 Cinder had floppy puppy dog ears for the longest time...they have now finally straightened up like a normal coonies should. I was kind of hoping they would stay that was very cute!

In the big pen we have the older ARL 5, the Fast 5, Gimpy, Fitchy, Chanel No. 5 and the 4 fosters that came from another rehabber. All are getting along great and totally loving it out there! Even the very un-handleable and skittish ARL 5 and Chanel No 5 are loosening up and will approach me for treats and to try to long as I do not try to touch them...that is not allowed! But they can try to touch me all they want when they are so inclined!

 Chanel No 5 is big and beautiful! Actually the larges of them, and totally obsessed with the water. I'm thinking he's still trying to rid himself of the weekend in the sewer experience and now he is OCD with being clean!

 Chanel No 5 gives me permission to let him nibble my finger! No worries, he's actually quite gentle about it, and just look at that handsome face!

All of the skunks are doing great. Pretty soon the new 4 will be getting moved outside as well. I now have a bigger pen put up for the skunks, so when the time is right I'll move all 8 into the pen as one group since they are about the same size.

It is the 4th of July today....Happy 4th to everyone! I have the holiday off with my new job so as I sit here typing this I am able to relax for a few minutes and watch all the happy critters outside my kitchen window! There are about 10 grey squirrels and 5 red's enjoying breakfast with me and I am thoroughly enjoying their antics out there. I have to say, despite the red's constant vocal objections to sharing the feeders with any living thing, there have only been some minor squabbles and I'm happy to see they are sharing and coexisting quite well! It's a lesson I wish we could all learn from.....

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