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Friday, July 27, 2012

Musical pens again!

 Last weekend was spent moving everyone around again to try to free up some space. The 17 in the big pen were moved out back into the downtown pen further into the woods. Then the Brighton 4, Lil' Rascals, Mason, Cinder and Bossy were moved into the pen vacated by that group and the door separating the sections was opened and Fluff, Millie, Scritch and Champ joined them! Whew.... a lot of moving around.... and vaccines were given too! Now they are consolidated into 2 big groups of crazy coonies! 

Not too soon I might add for this lucky one! No sooner do I manage to get a cage emptied and cleaned and I have to fill it again! This juvie was rescued by Karen, the Watertown ACO. He had taken refuge on a second story balcony and was not using one of his rear legs. So far it's being very uncooperative.....but the leg is not swollen, I can not see a wound and it is starting to bear weight on it so I am guessing a safe place to rest for a while will make all the difference in the world! Laurie and I will take a better look over the weekend. After a couple weeks quarantine, it may be possible to integrate it into the older downtown group. A perfect fit with the bigger, wilder, ARL 5 as I am not sure bringing it right back to where it was found would be feasible. Some of the older, bigger kids will be going sooner than the rest this year.....sometime August!

The skunks are released. It was a combination of raccoon aided escape, and release! Although it was sooner than I planned, they are doing well. As they should be, since they apparently evicted my ground hog and have made themselves quite comfortable in his least the ones near my house of course! Talk about moving up in the world, they've scored the Ritz out there! I'll get those pics up for you soon. Now I have to be a little extra careful when letting the dogs out at night. Boy are they lucky I am all about coexistence with the natives! LOL

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  1. OH i love to stop by here and see all the masked critters...and MORE!

    so much much reward!
    i didn't know a skunk would chase a ground hog away...